Keyword Research, Domain Name & Hosting for your Business Blog (Step 2)

In the last article series, ‘How to Start your Small Business Blog (Step 1)’, we discussed the fantastic potential of blogging for your small business growth and getting more organic client leads. We also learned to select a niche to start your business blogging journey.


As you are planning to start a Small Business Blog, it doesn’t matter if you’re: 


  • Shopify seller looking to make money online
  • or a Small Business Owner in need of Organic Traffic to boost your brick-mortar business


Small Business Blogging is the best organic way to bring a dedicated audience and build a local and online community around your brand.


In this article, ‘Buy Domain & Hosting for your Small Business Blog (Step 2),’ we discuss all Keyword Research, Buying a Domain Name, and WordPress Web Hosting to Start the Blog.

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Keyword Research for Small Business Blog 

So, what is a keyword? Is it important?


If I speak in lay terms, Keywords are basically what you type in that google search box when you search for something. 


What keyword research does is that it helps you find which keywords are best to target for your particular niche, what all quarries people have related to your topic, and what they type the most when they search for something related to your case.


This can help you develop a content strategy. I mean what to write and what to include in your content. 

Why Keyword Research is must?

Most beginners often make the same mistake – writing, writing, and writing and need to remember about Keyword Difficulty, Competition & Search Intent in the beginning and then fail and return to the process.


Never waste your time and energy on such silly blunders. Without proper Low Hanging Fruit ‘Keywords,’ Your blog is dead already!


Use Tools like Google Keyword Planner,, Ahrefs, and SEMrush to see Keyword difficulty, competitor, and Search Intent.


At this point, you should now have the confidence & knowledge to come up with 100 Final Long Trail Keywords to begin Writing Articles for your blog.


Target Keyword Difficult Scores between 0-25, having traffic of 1000 per month, with low DA / PR Competitors in Google SERP Top 10.

Don’t waste too much time - days, week or even months in finalizing a Hosting company.

Go with any reputed hosting company, they are almost the same… Once your Blog Traffic & Experience will grow, you can easily migrate to Cloud or VPS.

Select your small business blog domain name.

Once you have selected your blog niche and done keyword research, the next step is shaping your finalized topic into a website and a blog name.


As you are planning to start a Small Business Blog, you have two routes to take: 



  • Already have a Website – Get a Dynamic Blog System Implemented in it 
  • Don’t have a Website – Get a Small Website + Business Blog


Also, remember you can have a Domain Name & Blog as per your Company Name,
or you can even have a different, more memorable, or SEO-friendly domain name.


For example, in our case, the Company name is ‘iMedia Ad Agency’ – But for Business Blogging, we have taken an SEO Friendly and more memorable name, ‘’



Also, if your blog topic is fashion, you can’t name your blog””


Why? Well, that’s because the major players in the market would already take the name. So let’s learn how to get good terms, in case it’s required.



Don’t worry; this isn’t that complex; here are a few blog naming approaches used by professional naming companies that may help you out with the process:

  • Descriptive
  • Traditional
  • Family Name
  • Abstract
  • Classical
  • Coined
  • Tonal
  • Abbreviation
  • Truncation
  • Joined
  • Geographical
  • Object
  • Color
  • Playful
  • Verb
  • Adjective
  • Numeric
  • Futuristic
  • Character

Tools to generate & check small business name ideas:

- Namelix

- Namefy

- Namechk

- Nameboy

- Shopify Name Generator

- InstaDomains

- Competitors’ Name Checker

- Plagiarism Detector

Just remember these 5 Points while registering a Domain Name:

- Keep It Short

- Include Your Brand Name

- Keep it Memorable

- Think Locally

- Register Instantly

Hurrah! Let’s register a Small Business Domain name officially.

Register your small business domain name

The domain name you decide may or may not be available, you need to check the availability of the domain first, and then you may proceed with the registration process.


You can register your domain using a reliable international domain seller like Hostinger.


Let’s see how you can register through Hostinger –


Step 1




Step 2

Click on the domain name search



Step 3

Type in your desired name in the search box, and see if it’s available; in case your desired name is unavailable, you can look into the options below on your screen; once you select your preferred name, click on add to cart.

Please choose the desired Domain name (Double-check the Domain Extension you want), and for how many years you wish to register your domain, select the payment option and enter your details, and that’s it.


You can expect around $10 for a ‘.com’ domain registration.

Congratulation!!! You have 
registered your small business domain.


Now it’s time to move ahead and buy WordPress Hosting for your Blog.

Choose the right hosting for your business blog

A web hosting service is a must to get your website online. It allows a place to your website in the cyberspace.


What is a hosting service?


A web host is a company that stores, maintains, and manages access and traffic to your website.


Types of Web Hosting:


1. Shared hosting

  • A shared service is a hosting service where a single web server hosts many websites
  • Shared hosting is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses requiring basic websites or blogs


2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting

  • VPS server offers each website a separate virtual section in the hosting server.
  •  It is ideal for more prominent websites and owners with enormous traffic who needs more control to manage the site, like business websites.


3. Dedicated hosting

  • It provides a dedicated server specifically for your website
  • It’s ideal for websites with heavy traffic, like e-commerce websites 
  • It offers better responsiveness and the flexibility to upgrade and control performance


4. WordPress hosting

  • This service is exclusive to WordPress sites, meant to optimize WordPress site performance and security.
  • It is an ideal choice for bloggers using wordpress as a blogging platform.


5. Cloud hosting

  • Cloud hosting is similar to VPS hosting, but unlike VPS hosting, it does not have a physical server; your website is hosted on a network.


6. Managed hosting

  • Managed service offers an added level of technical support. Such as managing your operating systems, hardware, software setup and configuration, maintenance, and monitoring


7. Reseller hosting:

  • It’s a service that resells hosting space/storage and bandwidth from one company to another, which can then rent to other smaller businesses.

Which type of hosting is best for small business blogging?

As a blogger, I recommend going for WordPress hosting initially; it's relatively affordable, easy to install WordPress with a single click, easy to import pre-built WordPress themes, and offers weekly / daily backups as per the Plan.

A WordPress hosting Plan can handle up to 10k to 25k (depending upon the blog size) visitors per month, which is more than enough for a beginner to intermediate small business blogs.

And as your blog grows, you may move on to better hosting options like cloud or VPS.

Free Learn Blogging Book

Launch your Money Blog

Build a 24/7 money machine that you can create and grow from anywhere in the world you are…

Here is how you can purchase hosting for your Business Blog through Hostinger:


Step 1:

Visit, and click on hosting > WordPress Hosting; if you are going to create your blog through WordPress


Step 2:

Choose your hosting plan; I recommend Business WordPress Plan for professional blogging; it serves more than enough for new bloggers for initial 1-2 years.


Step 3:

Once you choose the plan, Select the time


Step 4:

Enter your details and make the payment

That’s it you are all set to get started with Hostinger WordPress Hosting.


Congratulations on finalizing keywords for your Small Business Blog and buying a domain + wordpress hosting for your blog! 

The next step is to check your inbox; you might have received a confirmation that your order has been successful and your WordPress Hosting is ready to be used.

Do ask your questions in the comment section below. If Step 2 is all clear, you can move on to the following article. Step 3 is ‘WordPress Theme, Plugins, Customization & WordPress Interface,’ where we will Install WordPress, Import a Paid Premium WP Theme, Install Plugins, Customize WordPress and Learn about important WordPress Terminologies.

Good luck with your business blogging journey 🙂

Sushant & Vijaya

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A. sometimes the hosting service providers offer free domain registration with hosting packages as a upsell.

few platforms where you can often find such offers from Hostinger.

A. Just like a memory card chip in your phone where you store your data, you need a space in the internet to store your website and for that you need hosting services.

You can find the best services at –

  • Hostinger
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