Our Real Story

Hi, Glad to meet you!

We are Sushant & Vijaya,


… a few years ago, we were normal next-door couples, doing regular 9 to 5 office jobs; you can say we were paid robots following the same schedule, every day, every hour, every minute 🙂


It was an endless loop – Wake up, Travel to Office, Work, Coffee, Work, Coffee, Travel Back, Eat, Sleep and Repeat.


This trap made us increasingly frustrated with each passing day to the extent that our personal life was at stake. Of course, it was never about money, as we were on good payrolls… but some unknown void was there.


So, one day we quit our jobs and started Online Business & Freelancing; today, after many years, we can proudly say running our own Online Business was the best decision we ever made.

Meanwhile, life moved fast; we married and had kids, and they needed more quality family time. So we paused our old online design business and started the offline business. 


We got a setback with two significant financial losses in offline business with all savings gone – our mistakes or, you can say, destiny… nothing worked out well, even after micro planning.


Then came a day with only $350 left in our accounts; we gathered courage and started Digital Product Development, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing & Niche Blog Microsites.


Those were the low days when our life was more depressing than “The Pursuit of Happyness”; we re-started our life. As you can see, we started Passive income very late, almost in our mid-30s, almost after 15 years of our online freelancing experience… but there is still time.


By God’s grace and our hard work, today we own five small farmlands, paid back family & friend loans, built our own house without any loans, and made a small corpus for our kids’ future.


Initially, we had no idea of blogging, but we always knew that we wanted to live on our terms where we could have more freedom and flexibility to do what matters most to us as a family.


We started our journey and saw ups and downs, as there was no one to mentor to guide us on the correct path, so we wasted a lot of energy and time. 


It’s not an easy road at all, but if you are dedicated and mad, then come on board… jump into the online business… it’s safest in terms of investment, and the market is Global.


We made this ‘How to Start a Blog Guide Series’ to build a better path for you to start. With this blog, we want to help you get inspired, save time-energy and start your incredible journey.


Future Plans: We plan to enjoy the fruits of our passive income and move to our countryside farm with our homeschooling kids, make a mud Earthship house and start organic farming, along with our small work studio.


“Life is like Ice Cream. Eat it before it melts.”

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Our Mission

100BusinessIdeas.com is a blogging platform run by real-life couples Sushant & Vijaya.

The blog offers well-researched articles on Business Ideas, Startups, Franchise, Online Businesses, Work from home, Freelancing, Earning Money Online, Smart Investments, Business Growth, Personal Finance, Business Growth Tools, Blogging Tips, Vlogging, Technology Trends, and Business Motivation.


100BusinessIdeas.com’s mission is to help small entrepreneurs, startups & freelancers to succeed and grow.

If you have any of these questions in your mind, you are in a good place.

Email us to start the wonderful journey with us.
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About Sushant & Vijaya

Sushant is a Business Coach, Startup Consultant, Logo Designer, and Internet Marketing Specialist. Sushant has many feathers in his cap, and he is Adobe Showcase Winner (way back in the Year 2002) along with 60+ Brainbench IT & Design Certifications!!!


He has been enjoying freedom through Online Business since 2003, making online money with Design, Branding, Affiliate Marketing, Domain Flipping, Blogging, Freelancing, Drop Shipping, and Digital Marketing.


In his free time, he volunteers with non-profits helping underprivileged kids and developing youth skills development programs. 


In addition, he loves to do photography, short filmmaking, martial arts, hiking, and hosting as a game maker on weekend family gettogether.


He plans to permanently shift to his organic farm in the countryside and enjoy the fruits of passive income from farming and social work.

Vijaya is the founder of 100BusinessIdeas.com & iMedia Ad Agency. In addition, she’s an Affiliate Marketer, Brand Name Numerology Consultant, Webmaster, and Multi-tasking Mompreneur with two super active homeschooling kids.

Since 2004, she has helped countless small businesses and start-ups to launch and grow their business online.

Vijaya started 100BusinessIdeas.com with a vision to support, mentor, and grow small business owners, freelancers, and start-ups. 

She has an interesting real-life struggle story… Rising from the Ashes – from a broke mom to the proud owner of 3 farmlands in just 5 years.

Our Goal

To help Business Owners, Bloggers & Freelancers to become millionaires... using the power of Digital Marketing