How to Monetize a Business Blog with Multiple Income Streams (Step 7)

Now, after all, you want all your hard work to be paid, Right? Therefore, you can diversify your revenue sources and increase your earning potential by implementing multiple income streams.

In this article, ‘Blog Monetization with Multiple Income Streams (Step 7),’ we will discuss making money and maximizing monetization potential with Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Consultancy, Sponsorship, eBook Sale, and many more options.

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How To Earn From Business Blogging?

There are plenty of options to earn through, but depending on the traffic you have on your site, your income and income source may differ. Some sources that you might find helpful are:



1. Google AdSense


AdSense is like a symphony conductor, bringing together the perfect harmony of advertisers and publishers. Advertisers, like musicians, have a message to convey and an audience to reach. 



Publishers, like the stage, have the platform and audience to showcase these messages. 


AdSense, like the conductor, seamlessly weaves these elements together to create a beautiful performance. It’s a win-win for everyone, as the advertisers reach their desired audience, and the publishers monetize their platform. 



AdSense is the ultimate maestro of the online advertising world.


You can make money by displaying ads on your blog as: 


  • Impression based 
    You are paid based on the number of page views you receive.


  • Click based 
    You are paid based on the number of page views you receive.

    And the other plus point is you can place the ads as you like between your posts, in the columns of your blog site, and even show ads from other ad services. 

How to Create an AdSense Account

  • Visit 
  • Sign up for google AdSense
  • Add AdSense ads to your blog
  • Wait until your account is reviewed
  • Your application is either accepted or rejected
  • If accepted – Complete identity verification or check Google AdSense policies if they get left.
  • Add Payment details to receive payments.

To manage Ads smoothly, use a Global Ad Widget or Ad Insert Plugin and put Ads on Top Banners and the Sidebar for Higher CTR.

And you are done! You are ready for your first income!

Make sure your blog or website fullfill the traffic and other AdSense criteria to get smooth aprroval.

2. Mediavine & other Ad Networks

This is another Ad network like google AdSense’ it’s a leading ad management platform for publishers, which provides high-quality, brand-safe ads and a range of ad formats to help increase revenue. It works best for publishers with large audiences and high-traffic websites.


You may check out Media vine criteria here.


Other than Mediavine, many other Ad networks offer a wide range of benefits for advertisers and publishers. 


With features like data management, fraud detection, and analytics, these networks ensure that advertisers and publishers can optimize their campaigns for maximum ROI. 


They offer flexibility, which is not just limited to one network.


For advertisers, these networks provide advanced targeting options, real-time bidding capabilities, and access to a vast inventory pool. 


Publishers offer high fill rates, competitive eCPMs, and the ability to monetize their website or app through various ad formats. 

Other Ad network you may check out:

Leading ad management platform that helps publishers increase revenue through a variety of ad formats, including display ads, native ads, and AMP ads.
Leading advertising network that specializes in contextual advertising.

Ad network that offers a variety of ad formats, including pop-unders, interstitials, and mobile ads.

Global in-text advertising network that allows publishers to monetize their content by converting keywords into links.

Pay-per-click ad network that offers a variety of ad formats, including banners, buttons, and skyscrapers.

Content discovery platform that helps publishers increase website traffic and revenue by recommending their content to users.

Premium ad management platform that helps websites increase revenue through a variety of ad formats.

Global ad network that specializes in high-quality, brand-safe advertising.

Leading ad management platform that helps publishers increase revenue through a variety of ad formats, including display ads, sponsored content, and native advertising.

Rakuten Marketing:
Global ad network that offers a variety of ad formats, including display ads, mobile ads, and affiliate marketing.

Content recommendation platform that helps publishers increase website traffic and revenue by recommending their content to users.

3. Freelance Services for Bloggers 

When you blog, you learn, and you pick up skills. You may or may not have significant traffic on your website, but once you start your blog, you have work to put on display.


Use your learning and experience to start your freelancing journey. Some services you may offer:


  • Content writing
  • Proofreading
  • Website Designing
  • Content optimization / SEO
  • Keyword research
  • WordPress Setup & Maintenance

Some Best platforms to start freelancing are:

- Upwork (

- Freelancer (

- Fiverr (

- PeoplePerHour (

- Guru (

4. Affiliate Programs 

“Refer products and earn.”‘


An affiliate program is a marketing strategy where companies pay you to refer their product or services.


If they earn through your referrals, they give you a certain amount of commission.


Now, here is what you have to do –

  • Find a product relevant to your blog
  • Check the companies related to your niche if they have ongoing affiliate programs.
  • Enroll the program
  • You get a banner or a link, share that link/banner on your blog
  • Any purchase made through your referral is your win.
  • And don’t forget to add the Affiliate Disclaimer.

Some Best platforms to start Affiliate Marketing are:

- Amazon Associates (

- Commission Junction (

- ShareASale (

- ClickBank (

- Rakuten Marketing (

5. Sell your own E-books 

You must have noticed e-book advertisements on most of the top-ranking websites. Bloggers often use their websites to market products such as an e-book, and why not? After all, this is the best practice to monetize your expertise and hard work.

Once you get through the process, you can earn handsome money by selling eBooks online.


Some Best platforms to start sell your eBooks are:

- Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (

- Gumroad (

- Sellfy (

- Teacher Pay Teachers (

- Etsy (

6. Consulting / Coaching Services 

If you have a specific skill set/expertise in your niche, starting a consultancy through your blog is a great way to monetize your knowledge and help others achieve their goals.


You can help your clients overcome challenges, reach their full potential, and achieve their desired results by providing one-on-one or group coaching. 


Using a Call to Action with a Sales Funnel Landing Page in your blog can be a great way to build a loyal following and provide valuable, high-ticket services to your readers.


Some Best platforms to start Consulting Services are:

- Upwork (

- Freelancer (

- Fiverr (

- Guru (

- LinkedIn ProFinder (

7. Online course

If you are blogging on a topic, it surely means that there are people who want to know about it. You can use this as an opportunity and offer courses related to your niche/expertise. It is a great way to monetize your content and share your knowledge with a highly engaged and targeted audience interested in learning more about the topics you cover. 


By creating high-quality, informative courses, you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche and generate a steady stream of passive income. 


Overall, selling online courses can be a great way to monetize your blog and build a loyal following.

Some Best platforms to sell your Online Courses are:

- Udemy (

- Coursera (

- Skillshare (

- Teachable (

- Thinkific (

8. Sponsored Content 

Another popular means to make online income for bloggers is to sponsor content for an advertiser. Here we recommend a product or a company’s service by writing a post about it and getting paid in return.


Sponsored content can provide valuable information to your readers, making it a win-win situation for both parties. It also helps with audience engagement by encouraging readers to interact with the blog by commenting on the post, sharing it on social media, and more.


Even better is that you can choose which brands you want to work with. However, it would be best if you only decided to pair with brands you genuinely use or see worth using and would likely recommend.


Some Best platforms to get Sponsored Content are:

- (

- (

- (

- (

- (

9. Donations 

Donations and support from patrons on platforms like Patreon can help sustain a blog and create valuable content for readers.


As a blogger, the support from your readers can be incredibly motivating and help you to continue to grow and improve your blog. In addition, by offering options such as a “Patreon or Buy me a coffee” donation, readers can show their appreciation for your hard work and dedication in a tangible way. 


Some Best platforms to get Funds / Donations for your awesome work are:

- Patreon (

- PayPal (

- Ko-fi (

- Buy Me a Coffee (

- Donorbox (

10. Blog post promotion

Sometimes, your blog niche might complement other blog niches; for example, yoga and health are interrelated topics, so if you have a blog on yoga, you can promote other health blogs to complement your blog and make money.

Often when you reach a certain level of traffic, other bloggers related to your niche contact you to promote their post, or if you want, you can do the vise versa to grab the opportunity beforehand.

Promoting other businesses or brands through sponsored blog posts on your blog can be a great way to generate revenue for yourself and provide value to your readers. By writing sponsored blog posts about products or services that align with your audience’s interests, you can introduce your readers to new and relevant businesses. 

It’s essential to be transparent about sponsored content and to only work with brands that align with your blog’s niche and values. Additionally, it’s also important to disclose the sponsorship following FTC regulations.


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Multiple Monetization Tips

Once your blog reaches a certain point of traffic, create a Landing Sales Funnel Page with services & products you want to promote actively; enable Shopping Cart, Checkout System & Payment Gateway for smooth transactions.

Also here are some more ways to monetize your blog.

  • Brand partnerships
  • Sponsored Interviews
  • Blog post promotion
  • Paid Guest Blog
  • Paid Blog Review
  • Product reviews
  • Membership programs
  • Merchandise partnerships
  • Email newsletters Ads
  • Physical product sales
  • Promoting Events
  • Sponsored podcasts
  • Sponsored Shoutout

Google AdSense vs. Affiliate marketing

Networks like Google AdSense can be an easier route to making money:


  • Once you develop significant traffic on your site, you don’t need to do much.
  • Just place the Ads on your blog, and the rest is on auto-play.
  • You get revenue on views as well as clicks you get on Ads on your site.
  • However, Ads on site can sometimes make your website ugly and inconvenient for your user.


While if we talk about Affiliate marketing:


  • You will have to justify the product you recommend.
  • You will need to add content to your blog to promote your affiliate product.
  • You might have to add a call to action 
  • You get a commission on products sold through your site. 
  • It’s related to something other than your site’s traffic but the number of sales you can make.


Depending on your blog niche, one of these two is more profitable.

For instance – If you are a street food blogger, you might have millions of views on your blog, but you will need more affiliate options to promote.


In your case, Ad sense would be more profitable for you as compared to affiliate marketing.


However, if your blog is related to fashion or skin care, you will find many affiliate products to promote so that affiliate marketing would be more profitable for you.


There are various means of making money through your blog, such as trying Freelance services, Affiliate Programs, Ad networks, Selling your products / E-books, Consulting Services, Online courses, Sponsored Content, Donations, etc.

You can choose among these streams based on the nature of your blog and your goals, but whatever and however you earn, if you are planning big, we have our next blog mainly for you.

For the people with that appetite for growth and success, do ask your questions in the comment section.

And If Step 7 is all clear, you can move on to the last article of this series, ‘Step 8: Outsource Your Blog, Multiply & Relax‘ we will discuss making virtual teams, outsourcing using Ghost Writer, Ai Tools, and Tips to save time and energy.


Good luck with your blogging journey 🙂

Sushant & Vijaya

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A. well, if you are expecting  a number here, am sorry to disappoint you because when we talk about income it depends more on the quality of engagement you have rather than the quantity of engagement you have plus how you earn through your blog also affects your income very much.

for example if you are a fashion blogger the chances are, you can earn a handsome amount through affiliate marketing while ad network could be a  problem here as they might hinder smooth user experience. so I would advise rather than views, one should focus more on how to make more engaging content and use the appropiate income streams.


A. Follow these steps to blog free and earn out of it –

  • Sign up for a free blogging platform such as Blogger or Hubspot
  • Enter a name for your blog.
  • Start creating and posting quality blog posts.
  • Drive traffic, apply for Google AdSense!
  • Get AdSense approval
  • Try different ways to increase your AdSense earnings.

A. first of all make sure your website is compatibility with AdSense and by compatibility I mean your website must have 100 unique visitors/day.
Your domain must be a TLD, your site must be 6 months old and content must be relevant and at least 1500 words long. once your site full fills the criteria, you just have to –

  • Visit and Sign up for an AdSense account
  • Apply the AdSense code on your website as you feel suitable
  • AdSense team will approve or reject your website in 2-3 days
  • You will receive a mail from adsensse team to verify your identity
  • Add Payment information to get paid as per click through rate/ CPC you get through your site.

(Payment threshold is $100)

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