How to Start Crowdfunding Campaign Setup Business in UK USA (Business Plan)

Crowdfunding Campaign Business Online Business Ideas

Do you have these questions in your mind?

  • How do I start a crowdfunding business?
  • Can you make money from crowdfunding?
  • How risky is crowdfunding?
  • What is the eligibility of crowdfunding?


In this article, you will find answers to all your questions. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started.

Table of Contents

What is Crowdfunding Campaign Business?

With a global market value of around $300 billion dollars! The Crowdfunding Industry is certainly a market that’s growing and for the future.

A crowdfunding campaign business is a type of business that uses crowdfunding as a means to raise funds for their projects or ventures. They typically create a project page on a crowdfunding platform, describe their project or experience, set a funding goal, and offer rewards or benefits to backers in exchange for their contributions. 

Anyone can start crowdfunding campaign businesses with a project or venture that requires funding and can be used to launch new products, fund creative projects, or support social causes.

So, that’s why congratulations on starting your crowdfunding journey and let’s get started!

Market Insight: The Crowdfunding Market in the US has a market value of around $17 Billion, while in the UK, it's around £332 million.

Crowdfunding Campaign Business Online Business Ideas

Types of Business Models

There are several types of business models that a company can use to generate revenue and sustain its operations. 


Here are some common types of business models:


1. Reward-based Crowdfunding: 

This model offers a product or service in exchange for funding. The funders receive a reward or product depending on how much they contribute.


2. Equity crowdfunding: 

This model allows individuals to invest in a company in exchange for equity ownership or shares.


3. Donation-based Crowdfunding: 

This model involves people donating money to a cause or project without receiving anything in return.


4. Lending-based Crowdfunding: 

This model involves investors lending money to individuals or businesses and receiving interest on their investments.


5. Revenue-sharing Crowdfunding: 

This model allows investors to share in the revenue generated by a project or business without owning any equity in the company.


6. Hybrid Crowdfunding: 

This model combines two or more types of Crowdfunding: reward-based and equity-based.


Note: Each model has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of model depends on the type of project or business being funded and the goals of the creators or entrepreneurs.

Crowdfunding is a popular way for entrepreneurs and small businesses to raise funds for their projects or products. It allows them to connect with a large audience of potential investors, who contribute small amounts of money to reach the funding target.

Crowdfunding Campaign Business Online Business Ideas

How to Start a Crowdfunding Campaign

If you’re interested in starting a crowdfunding campaign, here are some steps you can follow:


1. Identify your project or venture:

Decide what you want to fundraise for and develop a clear idea of your project and what it entails.


2. Choose a crowdfunding platform:

Research different crowdfunding platforms and choose one that best fits your needs and goals. Each forum has different rules, fees, and requirements, so read their guidelines carefully.


3. Set your funding goal:

Determine how much money you need to raise and set a realistic goal. Remember that crowdfunding campaigns typically have a fixed duration, so consider how much money you need to grow within that timeframe.


4. Create your campaign page:

Develop a clear and compelling pitch for your project and create a page with details about your project, funding goal, rewards, and other important information. 


5. Promote your campaign:

Spread the word about your campaign through social media, email, word of mouth, and other marketing channels. Encourage your network to share your campaign with others interested in supporting your project.


6. Launch your campaign:

Once your campaign is live, keep your supporters engaged and updated on your progress. Respond to questions and comments promptly, and be transparent about how you’re using the funds you’ve raised.


7. Fulfill your promises:

After your campaign ends, deliver any rewards or incentives you promised to your backers. Finally, update your supporters on your progress and appreciate their contributions.


Note: Starting a crowdfunding campaign takes effort and preparation, but it can be rewarding to fundraise for your project or venture.

Crowdfunding Campaign Business Online Business Ideas

Pros and cons of Crowdfunding campaign

Here are some pros and cons of starting a business:


  • Autonomy and flexibility
  • Potential for high earnings
  • Creative freedom 
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Job creation


  • Financial risk
  • Long hours and hard work
  • Responsibility and stress
  • Competition
  • Uncertainty and unpredictability

Crowdfunding campaigns have gained popularity in recent years thanks to the growth of online platforms that make setting up and promoting such campaigns easy. This blog will discuss how to set up a successful crowdfunding campaign for your business in the USA and UK.

Crowdfunding Campaign Business Online Business Ideas

Crowdfunding Campaign Investment 

The cost of setting up and running a crowdfunding campaign in the USA and UK can vary depending on various factors such as the platform used, campaign duration, the number of funds raised, and marketing expenses.

However, here is a general breakdown of some of the costs you may incur:

1. Marketing expenses:
The marketing and advertising can vary depending on your strategy and platform but set aside at least $1000-$ 10000 for a primary campaign. This can increase significantly for more aggressive campaigns or if you hire a marketing agency.

2. Legal fees:
The cost of legal fees can also vary depending on the complexity of your campaign. Still, budgeting at least $500-$1,000 for consultation with a lawyer to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations is recommended.

3. Taxes:
Crowdfunding income is subject to taxes, and the specific tax liability will depend on the amount raised and your personal tax situation. Therefore, it’s essential to consult with a tax professional to estimate your tax liabilities accurately.

4. Shipping and handling:
The cost of shipping and handling physical rewards will depend on the size and weight of the items, as well as the shipping destination. Estimating $5-$15 per item for domestic shipping and potentially more for international shipping is recommended.

Overall, the cost of setting up and running a crowdfunding campaign in the USA and UK can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the above factors.

Crowdfunding Campaign Business Online Business Ideas

About Crowdfunding themes: how good are they?

The success of a crowdfunding campaign depends on many factors, including the campaign theme or idea. 

Here are some factors that make a crowdfunding campaign theme successful:

1. Clear and compelling:
A good campaign theme should have a strong message that resonates with potential backers. The theme should explain the purpose of the campaign and the benefits of supporting it.
2. Unique and innovative:
A good campaign theme should be unique and innovative, offering something new and exciting that sets it apart from other campaigns.
3. Relevant to the target audience:
A good campaign theme should be relevant to the target audience, addressing their needs and interests. The theme should appeal to the emotions and values of potential backers, inspiring them to support the campaign.
4. Realistic and achievable:
A good campaign theme should be realistic and achievable, with a clear plan for how the funds will be used and a realistic timeline for achieving the campaign’s goals.
5. Supported by engaging content:
A good campaign theme should be supported by engaging content, including images, videos, and text that convey the campaign’s message and benefits.

Note: The success of a crowdfunding campaign theme depends on the overall campaign strategy, including the choice of crowdfunding platform, the quality of the rewards or perks offered, the outreach and marketing efforts, and the communication with backers throughout the campaign.

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Crowdfunding Campaign Business Online Business Ideas

Licenses used in Crowdfunding Campaign Business

The licenses required for a crowdfunding campaign business depend on the country and the type of crowdfunding used. 


Here are some standard licenses that may be required:


1. Business license: 

A business license is required to operate a crowdfunding campaign business in most countries. The local government issues this license and may require a fee.


2. Securities license: 

A securities license may be required for equity-based crowdfunding campaigns. This license allows the business to sell shares in the company to backers, and it is issued by the regulatory body that oversees securities in the country.


3. Banking license: 

A banking license may be required for debt-based crowdfunding campaigns that borrow money from backers. This license allows the business to accept deposits and issue loans, and it is issued by the regulatory body that oversees banking in the country.


4. Sales tax license: 

A sales tax license may be required for crowdfunding campaigns that sell products or services. This license allows the business to collect and remit sales tax to the government, and the local tax authority issues it.


5. Intellectual property license: 

A license may be required for using copyrighted material, such as music, videos, or images, in the crowdfunding campaign. This license allows the business to use the material legally and avoid copyright infringement.


6. Gaming license: 

A gaming license may be required for crowdfunding campaigns that involve games or gambling. This license allows the business to operate legally and comply with local gaming laws.


Note: It’s essential to research the licensing requirements in the country where the business operates and comply with the local regulations to avoid legal issues and penalties.

Crowdfunding Campaign Business Online Business Ideas

What is the Purpose of Crowdfunding business

The purpose of a crowdfunding campaign business is to raise funds from a large number of people, typically through an online platform, to finance a project, venture, or cause. 


Crowdfunding allows businesses to access capital without relying on traditional sources of funding, such as banks or venture capitalists.


The main purpose of a crowdfunding campaign business can be one or more of the following:


1. Funding a new project or venture:
Crowdfunding allows businesses to fund a new project or venture without taking on debt or giving up equity. The funds raised from backers can be used to develop a new product, launch a new business, or expand an existing one.


2. Testing the market:
Crowdfunding can be used to test the market demand for a new product or service. By launching a crowdfunding campaign, businesses can gauge the interest of potential customers and refine their product or service based on feedback.


3. Building a community:
Crowdfunding allows businesses to build a community of loyal backers who are invested in the success of the project or venture. Backers can become brand ambassadors, providing feedback, and promoting the product or service to their networks.


4. Generating publicity:
Crowdfunding campaigns can generate media coverage and social media buzz, raising the profile of the business and its products or services. This can attract potential customers, partners, or investors and help the business to stand out in a crowded market.


5. Empowering individuals and causes:
Crowdfunding can be used to support social causes, non-profit organizations, or individuals in need. By raising funds from a large number of people, crowdfunding can empower individuals and communities to make a difference and support causes they care about.


These are some of the main purposes of a crowdfunding campaign business. The specific goals and benefits depend on the nature of the project or venture and the type of crowdfunding used.

Crowdfunding Campaign Business Online Business Ideas

The Process Crowdfunding Campaign Business

The process of crowdfunding Campaign business typically works like this:


  • A person or organization creates a crowdfunding campaign on a platform like kick starter, Indiegogo, or Go Fund Me. Then, they set a fundraising goal and offer rewards or incentives for backers contributing to the campaign.


  • They promote the campaign to their network and beyond through social media, email, and other channels to attract backers.


  • Backers visit the crowdfunding campaign page and decide whether to contribute money to the project. They may do so in exchange for a reward or to support the project.


  • The campaign runs for a set period, typically 30-60 days. If the fundraising goal is met or exceeded by the end of the campaign, the funds are collected and distributed to the project creator. The funds are returned to the backers if the goal still needs to be met.


  • The project creator uses the funds to bring the project to fruition and fulfills any rewards promised to backers. Crowdfunding has become a popular way for individuals and organizations to raise money for their projects, and it offers a way for backers to support causes and projects they care about.

Crowdfunding is a way to raise money for a project or venture by soliciting small contributions from many people, typically via the Internet. It can fund various projects, including creative endeavors like films or music albums, social causes, startups, and personal projects.

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Crowdfunding Campaign Business Online Business Ideas

The Expenses to Consider in Crowdfunding Campaign Business

Here are some of the expenses to consider:


1. Platform fees: 

Crowdfunding platforms charge a fee for using their service. This fee can vary from platform to platform but generally ranges from 5% to 10% of the total amount raised.


2. Video production: 

A compelling video can help increase the success of a crowdfunding campaign. The cost of video production can vary depending on length, quality, and whether professional actors or a film crew are hired. On average, it can cost between $ 1000 to $ 5,000.


3. Marketing and advertising: 

Successful crowdfunding campaigns require significant marketing efforts to promote the campaign and drive traffic to the campaign page. Marketing and advertising expenses include social media ads, email marketing, and public relations efforts.


4. Rewards fulfillment: 

One of the critical benefits of Crowdfunding is offering rewards to backers. The cost of producing and shipping rewards must be factored into the campaign budget. This cost can vary depending on the bonuses offered and the number of backers but can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.


5. Miscellaneous expenses: 

Including website design and development, legal, and payment processing fees.


Note: The cost of setting up and running a crowdfunding campaign can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands, depending on the abovementioned factors.

Crowdfunding Campaign Business Online Business Ideas

Top crowdfunding campaigns used:

1. Pebble Time – $20,338,986 (2015, Kick starter) –


2. Coolest Cooler – $13,285,226 (2014, Kick starter) –


3. Pebble 2, Time 2 + All-New Pebble Core – $12,779,843 (2016, Kick starter) –


4. Exploding Kittens – $8,782,571 (2015, Kick starter) –


5. OUYA – $8,596,475 (2012, Kick starter) –


6. Kingdom Death – Monster 1.5 – $12,393,139 (2016, Kick starter) –


7. The Veronica Mars Movie Project – $5,702,153 (2013, Kick starter) –


8. Fidget Cube – $6,465,690 (2016, Kick starter) –


9. Reading Rainbow – $5,408,916 (2014, Kick starter) –


10. Torment: Tides of Numenera – $4,188,927 (2013, Kickstarter) –

Crowdfunding Campaign Business Online Business Ideas

Top reasons for Crowdfunding in the USA and UK:

Some Reasons for starting your journey in Crowdfunding in the USA and UK: 

  • To fund a business idea or startup
  • To raise funds for a charitable cause or nonprofit organization
  • To finance a creative project, such as a film or music album
  • To cover medical expenses or treatment costs
  • To support a personal cause or project, such as travel or education expenses
  • To fund a social cause or community project, such as building a community garden or playground
  • To support an environmental cause or project, such as a conservation effort or renewable energy project
  • To raise funds for a political campaign or cause
  • To finance a research project or scientific study
  • To fund a real estate project, such as buying or renovating a property
  • To support a new product or invention
  • To fund a sports team or athletic endeavor
  • To finance a legal case or litigation
  • To support a religious cause or project
  • To raise funds for a memorial or tribute project.


Note: These are not the only reasons people use crowdfunding and that there may be other motivations for individuals or organizations to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding Campaign Business Online Business Ideas

Trends & Challenges

Here are some current trends and challenges facing businesses:




  • E-commerce
  • Sustainability
  • Artificial intelligence and automation
  • Personalization




  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Cyber security threats
  • Talent acquisition and retention
  • Changing consumer preferences and behavior
Crowdfunding Campaign Business Online Business Ideas

Top Resources/Tools for Setting up crowdfunding campaigns

Here are five top resources/tools for setting up a crowdfunding campaign in the USA & UK:


1. Kick starter: 

This is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms in the world, and it is particularly well-suited for creative projects.


2. Indiegogo: 

This is another popular crowdfunding platform that allows you to raise funds for a variety of projects, including creative ventures, technology products, and charitable causes. 


3. Backer Kit: 

This platform helps you manage and fulfill your rewards for your crowdfunding campaign. 


4. Crowd funder: 

This platform specializes in equity crowdfunding for startups and businesses. 



5. Go Fund Me: 

This is a popular platform for donation-based crowdfunding campaigns. With Go Fund Me, you can raise funds for personal causes, medical expenses, or charitable causes.


6. Seedrs: 

This UK-based equity crowdfunding platform allows startups and businesses to raise funds in exchange for equity. 


7. Crowd cube: 

This UK-based equity crowdfunding platform allows businesses to raise funds in exchange for equity.


The key to a successful campaign is to have a clear and compelling message, a well-designed campaign page, a strong marketing strategy, and a solid network of supporters.


Remember that Crowdfunding is not a one-size-fits-all solution and may not be the right choice for every business or project. Before launching a campaign, weigh the pros and cons and consider all the factors involved, such as the costs, legal requirements, and tax implications.


By following the best practices and tips outlined in this article, you can increase your chances of success and achieve your fundraising goals.


With determination, creativity, and hard work, you can turn your ideas into reality and positively impact your community and the world.

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A. The type of Crowdfunding that is best for your business depends on your specific needs and goals. For example, rewards-based Crowdfunding is a good option for companies looking to launch a new product or service. At the same time, equity-based Crowdfunding is more suitable for businesses looking to raise capital by selling a percentage of their company.

A. The amount you should set as your fundraising goal depends on your business’s specific needs and goals. It would help if you considered the costs associated with launching or growing your business and any fees associated with crowdfunding platforms.

A. The length of your crowdfunding campaign depends on your business’s specific needs and goals, but most campaigns run for 30-60 days. Therefore, it is essential to set a realistic timeline and to have a plan for promoting your campaign throughout its duration.

A. You can promote your crowdfunding campaign through various channels, including social media, email marketing, and targeted advertising. It is essential to have a clear message and value proposition and to communicate this message to potential backers compellingly and engagingly.

A. The fees associated with crowdfunding platforms vary, but most platforms charge a percentage of the funds raised. Other prices may include processing fees or fees for additional services, such as marketing or campaign management.

A. If you don’t reach your fundraising goal, you may still be able to keep the funds raised, but you may be subject to additional fees or penalties. Therefore, planning what to do if you don’t reach your fundraising goal is essential, including contingency plans for using the funds raised.

Planning Your Crowdfunding Campaign
1. Define Your Goals and Objectives
2. Determine Your Funding Target
3. Research Your Target Audience
4. Decide on Your Rewards and Incentives

Creating Your Crowdfunding Campaign
1. Choose a Crowdfunding Platform
2. Write Your Campaign Pitch and Story
3. Create a Compelling Video
4. Design Your Campaign Page
5. Setup Your Rewards and Incentives

Launching and Promoting Your Crowdfunding Campaign
1. Launch Your Campaign
2. Reach Out to Your Network
3. Use Social Media to Promote Your Campaign
4. Engage with Your Backers
5. Keep Your Backers Informed

Managing Your Crowdfunding Campaign
1. Monitor Your Campaign Progress
2. Stay Responsive to Feedback and Questions
3. Make Adjustments as Needed
4. Fulfill Your Rewards and Incentives
5. Show Appreciation to Your Backers

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