How to Sell on eBay and make money in UK USA (Business Plan)

Sell at eBay Online Business Ideas

Do you have these questions in your mind?

  • What is eBay and how it works?
  • What is difference between Amazon and eBay?
  • Is it safe to buy on eBay?
  • What is the advantage of eBay?
  • What is eBay an example of?

In this article, you will find answers to all your questions. So please grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get started.

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What is eBay?

eBay is an American multinational e-commerce corporation that operates an online auction and shopping website where people and businesses buy and sell various goods and services worldwide. 

It was founded in 1995 and has become one of the world’s largest and most popular online marketplaces, with millions of users and billions of dollars in transactions yearly.

eBay allows individuals and businesses to buy and sell new and used items across various categories, from electronics and clothing to cars and collectibles.

Market Insight:

If you're looking for a way to make money online, selling on eBay can be lucrative. With over 185 million active buyers worldwide, eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world.

eBay is the most used online auction site in the world and is well known. Today you can see everyone knowing and using eBay, but do you know eBay was not always around!!!!

Sell at eBay Online Business Ideas

Types of eBay Models

eBay offers several different models that cater to different types of buyers and sellers. Here are some of the main eBay models:

1. Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C):
This is the most popular eBay model, where individual consumers buy and sell items directly to other consumers.

2. Business-to-Consumer (B2C):
This model involves businesses selling directly to consumers on eBay.

3. Business-to-Business (B2B):
This model involves businesses selling to other businesses on eBay.

4. Auction model:
This model involves sellers listing items for sale on eBay, and buyers bidding on those items. The highest bidder at the end of the auction wins the item.

5. Fixed-price model:
This model involves sellers listing items for sale on eBay at a fixed price. Buyers can purchase the item immediately without having to bid on it.

6. Dropshipping model:
This model involves sellers listing items for sale on eBay, but they don’t actually keep the items in stock. Instead, they purchase the item from a third-party supplier and have it shipped directly to the buyer.

7. Charity model:
This model involves eBay allowing sellers to donate a portion of their sales to a charity of their choice.

eBay offers a variety of models that cater to different types of buyers and sellers, whether they are individuals, businesses, or charities.

Sell at eBay Online Business Ideas

How to begin with eBay:

If you’re interested in buying or selling on eBay, here are some steps to get started:


1. Create an eBay account:
To buy or sell on eBay, you need to create an account. Go to eBay’s website and click on “Register” to create an account.


2. Set up your profile:
Once you’ve created an account, you’ll need to set up your profile. This will include adding your contact information and payment details.


3. Start browsing or listing items:
If you’re interested in buying items on eBay, start browsing the listings to find items you want to purchase. If you want to sell items, click on “Sell” to start listing your items for sale.


4. Make purchases or sales:
Once you’ve found an item you want to purchase, click on “Buy It Now” or place a bid if it’s an auction-style listing. If you’re selling items, wait for buyers to place bids or make offers on your listings.


5. Complete the transaction:
Once you’ve bought or sold an item, you’ll need to complete the transaction. This may involve paying for the item or shipping it to the buyer.


6. Leave feedback:
After the transaction is complete, be sure to leave feedback for the buyer or seller to let others know about your experience.


7. Keep track of your activity:
You can keep track of your buying and selling activity on eBay by checking your account dashboard.


It’s important to read and understand eBay’s policies and rules to ensure a positive experience for all parties involved.

Sell at eBay Online Business Ideas

Pros and Cons of Selling on eBay 

Pros of selling on eBay

  • Large audience
  • Wide range of products
  • Customizable listings
  • Easy to start
  • Potential for high profits

Cons of selling on eBay

  • Fees
  • Competition
  • Customer service
  • Shipping
  • Policies

Investment required to start Selling on eBay

The amount of investment required to start selling on eBay can vary depending on what type of items you plan to sell and how many items you plan to list.

Here are some potential costs to consider when starting out on eBay:

1. eBay fees:
eBay charges sellers various fees for listing items, selling items, and accepting payments. These fees can vary depending on the category of the item and the selling price.

2. Shipping and handling costs:
You’ll need to consider the cost of packaging materials and shipping costs when selling items on eBay. You may also need to factor in the cost of shipping insurance or delivery confirmation.

3. Inventory costs:
If you plan to sell physical items, you’ll need to purchase inventory to sell. This could include sourcing items from wholesale suppliers, thrift stores, or other sources.

4. Storage costs:
If you plan to keep inventory on hand, you may need to consider the cost of storage space or renting a storage unit.

5. Marketing and advertising costs:
Depending on the competition in your niche, you may need to invest in marketing and advertising to promote your eBay store or listings.


Note: It’s important to create a budget and carefully track your expenses to ensure that your eBay business is profitable.

Sell at eBay Online Business Ideas

How much does selling on eBay cost?

To sell on eBay, you must pay a seller fee, regardless of whether you wish to operate a personal or commercial account.

Selling on eBay costs money, but the amount you pay depends on various factors, such as the type of listing you choose, the final sale price of your item, and the fees associated with the payment method you use. 

Here are some costs to consider when selling on eBay:

1. Listing fees:
eBay charges a fee to list an item, and the cost varies depending on your chosen listing. For example, a basic listing without special features is usually free, while a “Buy it Now” listing with additional features such as a subtitle or extra photos may cost more.

2. Final value fees:
eBay also charges a final value fee when your item sells. This fee is a percentage of the total amount the buyer pays, including shipping costs.

3. PayPal fees:
If you use PayPal as a payment method, you may also be charged a fee for each transaction.

4. Shipping costs:
As a seller, you are responsible for shipping the item to the buyer, which should be factored into your selling price.

5. Optional fees:
eBay offers additional services, such as promoted listings, which can increase your item’s visibility in search results. However, these services come at an additional cost.

It’s important to calculate these fees when setting your item’s price to ensure that you make a profit.

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Sell at eBay Online Business Ideas

The Purposes of Selling on eBay

The purpose of selling on eBay is to provide a platform for individuals and businesses to sell products or services to a large audience of potential buyers. eBay provides a marketplace where sellers can list their items for sale and reach millions of buyers from all over the world.

For individual sellers, eBay can be a way to earn extra income by selling items they no longer need or want, or by reselling items they’ve purchased at a discount.

It can also be a way for entrepreneurs to start their own online business without the overhead costs associated with a brick-and-mortar store.

eBay provides tools and resources to help businesses manage their listings, process payments, and handle shipping and returns.

Overall, the purpose of selling on eBay is to provide a platform for sellers to connect with buyers and conduct transactions in a safe and convenient way.

It can be a way to earn extra income, start a business, or expand an existing business’s sales channels.

Here are some tips for becoming a successful seller on eBay:

1. Choose the right products
2. Set competitive prices
3. Create a professional listing
4. Offer great customer service
5. Build your reputation
6. Promote your listings
7. Stay up-to-date on eBay policies

Sell at eBay Online Business Ideas

Common Commission Structure in eBay

eBay uses a simple commission structure that is based on the final sale price of an item. Here are the details:

1. Final value fee:
eBay charges a final value fee of 10% (as of 2021) of the total amount paid by the buyer, including the item price and any shipping and handling charges. This fee is capped at $750 per item.

2. Insertion fee:
eBay charges a listing fee for each item that you list for sale. The cost of the insertion fee varies based on the type of listing you choose (e.g., auction-style, fixed price, etc.) and the category of the item you are selling.

3. Optional fees:
eBay offers a number of optional features and services that sellers can choose to use, such as the Buy It Now option, which allows buyers to purchase an item immediately at a fixed price.

Note: eBay’s commission structure can change over time, so be sure to check their website for the most up-to-date information.

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Sell at eBay Online Business Ideas

Top Selling Items on eBay in UK & USA

The top-selling items on eBay USA and UK can vary depending on trends, seasons, and market demand.

Here are some popular product categories that consistently sell well:

  • Electronics (such as smartphones, laptops, and gaming consoles)
  • Fashion and accessories (including clothing, shoes, and jewelry)
  • Home and garden products (such as furniture, decor, and kitchen appliances)
  • Collectibles (including coins, stamps, and sports memorabilia)
  • Toys and games (including board games and action figures)
  • Health and beauty products (such as skincare and makeup)
  • Sporting goods (including fitness equipment and outdoor gear)
  • Auto parts and accessories
  • Pet supplies
  • Music and instruments (including CDs, vinyl records, and guitars)
  • Crafts and DIY supplies
  • Books and magazines
  • Baby products
  • Art and photography (including prints and paintings)
  • Business and industrial equipment (such as tools and machinery)
Sell at eBay Online Business Ideas

Tools and Resources to start or grow their eBay Business in the USA and UK:

Here are some tools and resources to start or grow their eBay business in the USA and UK:

1. eBay Seller Hub –
eBay’s all-in-one tool for managing listings, sales, and performance metrics.

2. Terapeak –
A market research tool that provides insights on pricing, competition, and demand for eBay listings.

3. PayPal –
A payment platform widely used for eBay transactions.

4. eBay Listing Designer –
A tool that helps sellers create professional-looking eBay listings with customizable templates.

5. ShippingEasy –
A shipping and fulfillment platform that integrates with eBay and other marketplaces to streamline the shipping process.

6. GoDaddy Bookkeeping –
A financial management tool that can help eBay sellers keep track of expenses, profits, and taxes.

7. FeedbackExpress –
A tool that automates feedback requests and helps sellers improve their eBay ratings and reviews.

8. Sellbrite –
A multichannel inventory and order management tool that allows sellers to manage listings and orders from multiple marketplaces, including eBay.

9. Auctiva –
A listing and marketing tool that helps eBay sellers create and manage listings and promote them through social media and email marketing.

10. Google Trends –
A tool that can help eBay sellers identify popular search terms and trends to inform their product selection and marketing strategies.


eBay provides an excellent platform for individuals and businesses to sell various products in the USA and UK.


While trading on eBay has pros and cons, sellers can make a profitable income with the right approach and strategy. 


Researching and understanding the costs associated with trading on eBay is essential, and finding a profitable niche or product category that appeals to a target audience is critical.


However, with dedication and hard work, selling on eBay can be viable for those looking to start or grow their online business.

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A. The average eBay seller earns about $35,000 per year. Many low-volume sellers earn just a few thousand dollars per year; however, some top earners make as much as $70,000 per year selling items on eBay. The amount of money you make all depends on how much inventory you can sell and at what price.

A. You can research pricing on eBay by looking at completed listings for similar items. Set a competitive price that reflects the value of the item.

A. You can increase sales on eBay by improving your listings with high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, and competitive pricing. You can also offer promotions and discounts, and provide excellent customer service.

A. To grow your eBay business, you can expand your product offerings, optimize your listings, and invest in marketing and advertising. You can also consider selling on other platforms or creating your own e-commerce website.

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