How to start an Adventure Camping Travel Business in UK USA (Business Plan)

Adventure Camping Small Business Ideas

Do you have these questions in your mind?

  • What is adventure camping?
  • What can you do at an adventure camp?
  • Is camping considered an adventure?
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What is the Adventure Camping Business?

Adventure camping is a type of outdoor recreational business that provides camping services and activities in adventurous and remote locations, often in natural settings such as forests, mountains, deserts, and lakesides.


The business may offer various camping options, from tent camping to more luxurious camping experiences like glamping or RV camping.

Adventure camping businesses may also offer various activities and experiences for their customers, such as hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, zip-lining, and other outdoor activities.


The target market for adventure camping businesses are individuals and groups seeking unique outdoor experiences, such as adventure seekers, nature enthusiasts, and families looking for outdoor activities.

This type of business can be an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs who enjoy the outdoors and have a passion for adventure and hospitality.

Adventure Camping Small Business Ideas

Types of Adventure Camping Business Models

There are several types of business models that can be used in the adventure camping industry. Here are some of the most common:


There are several types of business models that can be applied to an adventure tour, activity, and camping businesses in the US and UK:

1. Tour operator model:
In this model, the business acts as a tour operator, offering pre-packaged tours and activities to customers. The business handles all logistics, such as transportation, accommodations, and activities.

2.  Rental model:
In this model, the business rents out equipment for outdoor activities, such as camping gear, bicycles, kayaks, and more.

3. Guide service model:
In this model, the business offers guided tours or activities, with knowledgeable guides leading customers on adventures.

4. Eco-tourism model:
In this model, the business focuses on sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, such as using green energy sources, minimizing waste, and supporting conservation efforts.

5. Hybrid model:
In this model, the business combines two or more of the above models to create a unique offering, such as a tour operator that also offers equipment rentals or a guide service that emphasizes eco-tourism practices.

6. Franchise model:
In this model, the business operates under a franchisor who provides support and training for the business owner to run their own adventure tour or camping business.


Types of Adventure Camping Themes

  • Campground or RV park:
    A place for campers and RV owners to park and camp. These businesses usually provide facilities such as restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities.

  • Glamping:
    A luxury camping experience that offers accommodations in a fully equipped tent or cabin, complete with comfortable furnishings, electricity, and sometimes even Wi-Fi.

  • Adventure tours:
    A business that provides guided tours of outdoor adventure activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking. These tours may include camping as part of the experience.

  • Outdoor gear rental:
    A business that rents out equipment for outdoor activities, such as tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and other camping gear.

  • Survival training:
    A business that provides courses and training on wilderness survival skills, including camping and outdoor living.

  • Eco-tourism:
    A business that promotes sustainable tourism practices and offers camping experiences that focus on environmental conservation and education.

  • Team building retreats:
    A business that provides team building and leadership training retreats that include camping and outdoor activities.

  • Hunting and fishing outfitters:
    A business that provides camping and outdoor experiences focused on hunting and fishing trips.

  • Retreat centers:
    A business that provides facilities and accommodations for spiritual or wellness retreats, including camping experiences.

  • Mountain biking tours 
    These may include multi-day camping trips or day trips that start and end at a campsite

  • Hiking and walking tours 
    Similar to the above, these may include camping as part of a multi-day trek or simply as a base for day hikes

  • Surfing camps 
    These are campsites near popular surfing spots where visitors can learn to surf or improve their skills

  • Canoeing and kayaking tours 
    These may involve camping near a river or other body of water and using it as a base for paddling excursions.

Pros and Cons of an Adventure Camping Business

Here are some pros and cons of starting an adventure camping business in a concise format:



  • Flexibility
  • Growing demand
  • High-profit potential
  • Positive impact
  • Enjoyable work environment


  • High start-up costs
  • Seasonal demand
  • Physical labor
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Liability risks

Adventure Camping Business Investment

The investment required to start an adventure activity camp in the US or UK can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the size of the camp, the location, the type of activities offered, and the facilities provided.

The one-time setup cost could include things like leasing or purchasing land, constructing cabins or lodges, buying equipment for activities, setting up kitchen and dining areas, and obtaining necessary licenses and permits.

These costs can add up quickly and can range from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. 
It’s essential to create a detailed business plan and budget to accurately estimate the investment required to start your adventure activity camp.

This plan should consider all the factors involved in setting up and running the camp, including ongoing expenses such as staff salaries, utilities, insurance, and marketing.

Overall, the investment required to start an adventure activity camp can be significant, and it’s important to ensure you have adequate funds and resources before launching the business.

Adventure Camping Small Business Ideas

Top Adventure Camping Locations in US & UK

Here are the top 10 adventure camping locations in demand in the USA and UK:



  1. Yosemite National Park, California
  2. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
  3. Glacier National Park, Montana
  4. Zion National Park, Utah
  5. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  6. Denali National Park, Alaska
  7. Joshua Tree National Park, California
  8. Olympic National Park, Washington
  9. Acadia National Park, Maine
  10. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee



  1. Lake District, England
  2. Snowdonia National Park, Wales
  3. Scottish Highlands, Scotland
  4. Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales
  5. Dartmoor National Park, England
  6. Peak District National Park, England
  7. Exmoor National Park, England
  8. Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales
  9. Cairngorms National Park, Scotland
  10. New Forest National Park, England

Seasonal Business:

Adventure camping is a seasonal business that operates during the warmer months from late spring to early fall. During the peak season, businesses can generate more revenue, but they may also face higher operational costs. To maximize revenue potential, it's essential to plan and budget carefully, adjust pricing strategies, and leverage marketing opportunities.

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Adventure Camping Small Business Ideas

Checklist of Equipment Needed for a Adventure Camping Business

Here is a checklist of essential equipment required for starting an adventure camping business:


  • Tents
  • Sleeping bags
  • Camping gear
  • Lighting
  • First-aid kit
  • Navigation equipment
  • Communication devices
  • Water filtration system
  • Safety equipment
  • Transportation vehicles
  • Maintenance equipment
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Fire-starting equipment
  • Personal protective equipment


These are some of the essential equipment required for an adventure camping business.

The specific equipment needs may vary based on the services offered and the location of the camping site.

Adventure Camping Small Business Ideas

Types of Staff Needed to start a Adventure Camping Business

Starting an adventure camping business requires a variety of staff with different skills and expertise. Some of the types of staff needed to start an adventure camping business may include:


1. Campsite Managers:
Responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the campsite, managing staff, and ensuring customer satisfaction.


2. Adventure Guides:
Experienced outdoor professionals who lead activities such as hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing.


3. Customer Service Representatives:
Responsible for greeting and assisting customers, answering questions, and resolving issues.


4. Maintenance and Repair Staff:
Responsible for maintaining and repairing campsite facilities, equipment, and vehicles.


5. Housekeeping Staff:
Responsible for cleaning and maintaining the campsite’s accommodations, such as tents, cabins, or RVs.


6. Marketing and Sales Staff:
Responsible for promoting the business, attracting customers, and managing reservations.


7. Administrative Staff:
Responsible for managing paperwork, scheduling staff, and handling financial transactions.


The specific types of staff needed will depend on the scale and type of adventure camping business, as well as the services offered.

It’s important to hire staff with the appropriate skills, experience, and qualifications to ensure the safety and satisfaction of customers and the smooth operation of the business.

Trends & Challenges in the Adventure Camping Business

here are some current trends and challenges in the adventure camping industry:

1. Sustainability
2. Technology
3. Health and Wellness
4. Personalization

1. Increasing competition
2. Regulatory compliance
3. Changing weather patterns
4. Seasonal demand
5. Liability risks

Adventure Camping Small Business Ideas

List of Camping addon Services

Here is a list of main products and services that can be offered in an adventure camping business:


1. Tent camping:
Basic camping option where guests bring their own tent and camping gear to the campsite.


2. RV camping:
Camping option where guests stay in a recreational vehicle equipped with basic amenities like electricity, water, and waste disposal systems.


3. Cabin rentals:
Accommodation option where guests rent a cabin or lodge that is usually fully furnished and equipped with basic amenities.


4. Adventure activities:
Outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and zip-lining are designed to provide a unique and thrilling experience.


5. Guided tours:
Expert-led tours that showcase the natural beauty and history of the surrounding area.


6. Wildlife viewing:
Opportunity for guests to observe the local wildlife in their natural habitat, usually through guided tours or self-guided hikes.


7. Campfire activities:
Activities that take place around a campfire, such as storytelling, singing, and roasting marshmallows.


8. Outdoor education:
Educational programs that focus on natural and cultural history, outdoor skills, and environmental conservation.


9. Food and beverage services:
Offerings of food and drinks, ranging from basic snack bars to full-service restaurants.


10. Event hosting:
Hosting weddings, family reunions, corporate retreats, and other events that can take advantage of the natural beauty and amenities of the campsite.

Adventure Camping Small Business Ideas

Service Rate Card of a Adventure Camping Business 

The service rate card of an adventure camping business will depend on several factors such as the location, type of accommodation, level of service, and activities offered. 

Here are some common services that a camping business may offer and their potential rate:


1. Tent camping:
$15 to $50 per night, depending on the amenities provided.


2. RV camping:
$25 to $80 per night, depending on the type of RV and level of amenities.


3. Cabin rentals:
$60 to $300 per night, depending on the size, location, and level of luxury.


4. Adventure activities:
$25 to $200 per activity, depending on the type of activity and level of expertise required.


5. Guided tours:
$20 to $100 per person, depending on the length and type of tour.


6. Wildlife viewing:
$10 to $50 per person, depending on the type of wildlife and location.


7. Campfire activities:
Often included in the price of other services, but can be offered as a standalone activity for $5 to $20 per person.


8. Outdoor education:
$10 to $50 per person, depending on the length and type of program.


9. Food and beverage services:
$5 to $50 per meal, depending on the type of food and level of service.


10. Event hosting:
$500 to $5,000 per event, depending on the size, duration, and level of service required.


It’s important for adventure camping businesses to conduct market research and analyze their costs and competition to determine the appropriate pricing strategy that will attract customers while still generating profit.

To finalize a profitable pricing strategy for your adventure camping business, consider these steps:

1. Identify your target market
2. Analyze your competition
3. Calculate your costs
4. Determine your value proposition
5. Decide on your pricing structure
6. Test and adjust
7. Promote your pricing strategy

Adventure Camping Small Business Ideas

Licenses in a Cleaning Business 

Running an adventure camping business requires obtaining the licenses and permits to operate legally. Here are some standard licenses that may be necessary:


1. Business license:
This license is required to operate any business and is issued by the local government.


2. Land use permit:
A permit may be required to use the land for camping and adventure activities. The local zoning board usually issues this permit.


3. Health permit:
A health permit is required to ensure that customers’ food and beverage services meet health and safety standards.


4. Alcohol license:
To serve alcohol, you must obtain a license issued by the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.


5. Environmental permit:
An environmental permit may be required to operate in sensitive areas like parks, forests, or protected wilderness areas.


6. Transportation permits:
You may need to obtain a transportation permit from the state if you offer transportation services, such as shuttle services or guided tours.


7. Adventure activity permits:
Some adventure activities, like rock climbing, white-water rafting, or hunting, may require special permits and licenses issued by the state or federal government.


Researching and complying with all local, state, and federal regulations and obtaining the licenses and permits to operate your adventure camping business legally is essential.

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Adventure Camping Small Business Ideas

Health and Safety Measures in the Adventure Camping Business

Health and safety are critical considerations for any adventure camping business.

Here are some essential measures to take to ensure the health and safety of your guests:


  • Conduct regular risk assessments of your camping site and activities to identify potential hazards and take steps to mitigate them.


  • Before any activity, provide safety briefings to guests to ensure they understand the risks involved and know how to stay safe.


  • Maintain well-maintained and inspected equipment to ensure it is safe and functioning correctly.
  • Provide appropriate safety gear and equipment for all activities.


  • Hire qualified and trained activity guides with experience and certifications in leading outdoor activities.


  • Ensure that all employees are trained in first aid and emergency response.


  • Develop and enforce strict rules and guidelines for guests on the camping site.


  • Regularly inspect the camping site and facilities to identify and correct potential hazards.


  • Maintain adequate insurance coverage to protect the business and guests in case of accidents or injuries.


  • Adhere to all local, state, and federal laws and regulations regarding health and safety.


By taking these measures, adventure camping businesses can ensure guests have a safe and enjoyable experience while minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries. 

Adventure Camping Small Business Ideas

Shall I go for an Adventure Camping franchise?

Here are some of the top adventure camping franchises in the UK and USA based on their reputation, brand recognition, and success:


  • Go Ape
  • The Bushcraft Company
  • Rockley Watersports
  • The Camping and Caravanning Club
  • Wildchild Adventure Camps
  • Forest Holidays
  • Camp Wilderness


  • KOA (Kampgrounds of America)
  • Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts
  • Great American Days
  • Under Canvas
  • Terra Glamping
  • Tentrr
  • The Adventure Challenge Club

It is essential to conduct thorough research and analysis to determine which franchise will best meet your goals, preferences, and market conditions before deciding.


The adventure tour, activity, and camping business in the US and UK can be a profitable and exciting venture for those passionate about adventure and outdoor activities.

Starting such a business requires careful planning, market research, and sufficient investment. Choosing a suitable business model and clearly understanding the target market and its needs is essential. 

In addition to offering a range of activities and services, it’s essential to have the necessary skills and certifications to ensure the safety and well-being of clients.

This business can be both fulfilling and financially rewarding with the right approach. 

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A. An adventure camping business needs a specialized insurance policy that covers the risks associated with outdoor activities. This may include liability insurance, property insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance.

A. You can attract customers to your adventure camping business by creating a strong online presence, partnering with local tourism boards and travel agencies, offering unique and exciting activities, and providing excellent customer service.

A. The outdoor activities you offer in your adventure camping business will depend on your location, customer preferences, and expertise. Some popular activities include hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, fishing, and camping.

A. The amount of money you can make with an adventure camping business will depend on various factors such as location, competition, and pricing strategy. It is important to conduct market research and create a comprehensive business plan to estimate your potential earnings.

A. You can ensure the safety of your guests during outdoor activities by providing well-maintained and up-to-date equipment, having trained and certified guides, conducting thorough risk assessments, and having clear emergency procedures in place.

A. While having prior experience in outdoor activities can be beneficial, it is not always necessary to start an adventure camping business. However, it is important to have a team with the necessary experience and certifications to ensure the safety of your guests.

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