TOP 10 Work From Home Jobs with no Experience (Complete Guide)

Do you have these questions in mind?

  • Just failed the last interview?
  • Just Graduated?
  • Dropped High-School?
  • Recently Divorced?
Looking for a job without any real work experience?

Whatever the reason, we are here to help you out with our listing of the top 10 Work From Home Jobs with no prior experience required.

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Data Entry Jobs

A data entry is taking data from one source and inputting it into another. 

As a data entry clerk, you will have everyday tasks like taking data from a physical document and putting it into an Excel sheet.

Data entry roles do not require any previous experience; the only skill requirements for the job are:

  • Typing skills
  • Attention to detail
  • High school certificate
  • Ability to read and write in English

The plus point with this role is that you can set your schedule as long as you can meet your KPIs and finish the work on time. Typical Salary: $20,000 - $40,000

Virtual Assistant

Generally, companies that hire virtual assistants don’t ask for any work experience from their candidates and usually teach all required skills on the job while training.


However, this does not imply that you don’t need any specific skill set to get hired. You will need the following skills as a VA:


  • Multitasking
  • Tech savviness
  • Attention to detail
  • Organizational skills


Your job role may include the following tasks:


  • Data entry duties
    Maintaining and updating specific data sets on spreadsheets or other similar software.


  • Lead generation
    They classify and maintain prospects’ data, find their contact information, and input them into a spreadsheet.


  • Administrative duties
    You might have to schedule appointments / meetings and plan social events.

Typical Salary: $20,000 - $62,000

Search Engine Evaluator

When you search for something on google, we often assume the top results to be accurate.


Still, sometimes they are not: a search engine evaluator analyzes results on search engines like Google or Bing and assesses them based on provided guidelines to check if the results received are accurate and relevant.


This remote role does not ask for experience but skills such as – 

  • Tech savviness 
  • Familiarity with search engines
  • Good written or verbal communication skills
  • Fundamental knowledge of search engine optimization

You can check out vacancies on Appen or Lionbridge official website for search engine evaluators / web engine evaluators. Typical Salary: $35,000 - $62,000

English Tuition Teacher Online Job

If you’re a native English speaker, there can be no suitable profile other than this. You can teach English to students worldwide.

From Europe to China, English-speaking teachers are in high demand in almost all parts of the world.

As long as you have a command of the English language and are skilled in teaching or Tutoring, this is an excellent opportunity to work online without experience.

You can find companies hiring online tutors at websites like:

  • OETjobs
  • Chegg
  • Club Z
  • eTutorWorld




Note: Companies hiring ESL (English) teachers may not ask for experience. Still, most companies would prefer candidates with language proficiency certificates such as TESOL or TEFL certification; you don't have a degree in a language course or teaching certificate, so we recommend you look into that before applying. Typical Salary: $32,000 - $68,000

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Hobby Tutor

If you are an artist, play guitar or drums, go skating or sing well, or dance, why let your talent be just a hobby?


Put your talent to work and earn

Hobby Tutoring is another simple yet “not so common” way to work remotely, and the plus point is you don’t need to learn any additional skills; you can start it right away with what you have …. Your talent, of course.


  • Teachable
  • Skill Share
  • Fiverr
  • Thinkfic 

You might start with neighboring kids or list yourself on some of these websites: Typical Salary Range: $20,000 - $80,000

Customer Support Representative 

As long as you’ve strong written and verbal communication skills, you can easily find a remote customer support representative role even if you have no remote work experience.


Your day-to-day responsibilities may include the following:

  • Writing or replying to email
  • Making or receiving calls from customers / clients
  • Providing chat support to customers / clients

These roles usually have strict work schedules, even when you work remotely. Typical Salary: $25,000 - 50,000

Content Writer

Content writers are professionals who write content for companies’ websites or blogs.


As a content writer, you should be able to write content that:

  • Educates or entertain your reader.
  • Drive traffic to the website.
  • It ranks well on search engines.


Most content writing roles are remote jobs requiring very little to zero work experience – as long as you’ve got the skills to write what the company expects you to. 

Tip – Check out the company's website and job role description before applying to find a suitable writing job and get hired quickly. Typical Salary: $32,000 - $78,000

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Proofreading refers to reviewing content before it is published. 


For example, a proofreader thoroughly reads the content, identifies grammar or spelling mistakes, and fixes them.


Big-size companies publish online content regularly, such as media houses and prominent blogs, and usually require proofreaders to ensure error-free content.


To become a proofreader, you’ll need 

  • Command over the English language
  • Strong Grammar 
  • Eye for details

Typical Salary: $28,000 - $70,000


Online Community Moderator

Many businesses create communities on various platforms such as Forums, Facebook – Instagram Groups, Telegram, Blogs, Youtube, and Discord Channels. 


Community managers manage such online communities to keep the platform engaging for the audiences. 


Your day-to-day responsibilities would include the following –

  • Responding to community questions
  • Conducting moderating discussions
  • Ensuring conduct as per guidelines 

To become a community manager, you'll need to be relatively tech-savvy and understand how online communities work. Typical Salary: $36,000 - $78,000

Sales Representative

Most companies need to put experience criteria in this particular job, which is open for remote and active positions.


As the name suggests, your role would be to sell products or services; it will involve communicating with prospects daily and convincing them to buy your product / services.


You will need the following skills to become a sales executive: 


  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Convincing power
  • Pleasant personality / voice

It is a perfect job for extroverts who like interacting with new people. Typical Salary: $35,000 - $80,000

How to know if a job is genuine or a scam?

  • Search online 
    Google the company/ recruiter, check LinkedIn, and see what pops up, Try to find reviews.


  • Don’t sign up for jobs that ask you to pay 
    If the recruiter asks you to pay for a job in any form, be it registration, insurance, or security, it’s guaranteed to be a scam.


  • Connect with the company
    Saw a job offer on social media…. Wait, don’t take everything at face value. Check out the company’s website.

    The genuine vacancies are always posted there, or mail the company pertaining if the offer is legit.

  • Never agree to any wire transfer. 
    If you get an email from your recruiter asking you to wire money in any form for a convenient payment method, that’s your sign that it’s a job scam.
  • Only accept an offer if you are sure you applied. 
    Sometimes, you may get random calls claiming you applied for the job out of nowhere, only accepting the offer once you are sure.


  • Talk to someone you trust. 
    Refrain from trusting a job offer that seems too good to be true if it offers excellent pay in exchange for minimal skills; show the listing to someone you know relevant to the field. 


They might save you from a potential scam.


Fake job scams are everywhere; thanks to the reach of social media and the internet, everyone has witnessed a rise in such cases, especially after layoffs and the covid recession. 


People who get Home Jobs with almost Zero Experience have positivity, commitment, and intelligent work. 

Even after this, if you can’t get a job, opt for an internship or volunteer job. 


You will gain work experience for future references, focus on Building Relationships, and Pickup a Trending / Evergreen Skill.

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TOP 10 Work From Home Jobs with no Real Job Experience

1. Data Entry jobs
2. Virtual Assistant
3. Search Engine Evaluator
4. English Teacher
5. Hobby Tutor
6. Customer Support Representative
7. Content Writer
8. Proofreader
9. Online Community Moderator
10. Sales Representative
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