How to Start Pool Maintenance Business in UK USA (Business Plan)

Pool Maintenance Business

Do you have these questions in your mind?

  • What is the Pool Maintenance Business?
  • Is Pool Maintenance a profitable business? 
  • Can you make money selling Pool Maintenance Business? 
  • How much money will it take to get started? 

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What is the Pool Maintenance Business?

A pool maintenance business provides ongoing cleaning, maintenance, and repair services for swimming pools, ensuring they remain safe and functional. Services may include regular water testing, chemical treatment, filter cleaning, vacuuming, and equipment repair or replacement. 

Individuals, teams, or specialized companies can own and operate these businesses, serving residential, commercial, or public pool owners. Success in this industry requires a deep understanding of the pool cleaning process, a commitment to safety and quality, and investment in the latest technology and techniques.


The pool maintenance market in the UK and US varies in terms of size and growth potential. The US market has more residential pools, leading to a higher demand for pool maintenance services. The commercial pool market is also bigger in the US. The market in the UK is smaller but still growing, with a demand for residential and commercial pool maintenance services.

The value of a pool maintenance business in both countries depends on factors such as revenue, market size, growth potential, competition, and level of specialization and expertise. However, businesses that offer eco-friendly services or have a strong recurring revenue base may have an advantage in both markets.

Pool Maintenance Business

Types of Business Models in Pool Maintenance Business

A pool maintenance business can adopt several business models depending on its target market, services offered, and overall business goals. Here are some examples:

  • Subscription-based:
    This model involves regularly charging customers a fixed fee, such as monthly or annually, for ongoing pool maintenance services. This model can provide a predictable revenue stream and foster long-term customer relationships.

  • One-time service model:
    This model provides customers one-time pool cleaning, maintenance, or repair services, such as opening or closing a pool for the season or addressing a specific issue. This model can be beneficial for attracting new customers and generating revenue from occasional customers.

  • Hybrid model:
    This model combines subscription-based and one-time service models, allowing customers to choose between ongoing services or past solutions based on their needs.

  • Franchise model:
    This model involves licensing a proven business model and brand name from a larger pool maintenance company for a fee. In addition, franchises typically provide access to training, support, and marketing resources.

  • Partnership model:
    This model involves partnering with other businesses in the pool industry, such as pool builders, to offer complementary services or cross-promote each other’s businesses.


The choice of business model will depend on the pool maintenance business’s specific circumstances and goals. By carefully evaluating the options and selecting the most appropriate model, a pool maintenance business can optimize its revenue potential and provide high-quality services to its customers.

Pool Maintenance Business

How to start Pool Maintenance

Here are the top 10 cities in the USA and UK with the most swimming pools based on available data:




  • Los Angeles, California – estimated 43,123 residential and 5,000 commercial swimming pools
  • Miami, Florida – estimated 32,340 residential and 1,620 commercial swimming pools
  • Phoenix, Arizona – estimated 23,059 residential and 1,042 commercial swimming pools
  • Dallas, Texas – estimated 18,498 residential and 1,168 commercial swimming pools
  • Houston, Texas – estimated 17,464 residential and 1,222 commercial swimming pools
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – estimated 15,422 residential and 1,131 commercial swimming pools
  • San Diego, California – estimated 13,259 residential and 2,500 commercial swimming pools
  • Chicago, Illinois – estimated 12,803 residential and 877 commercial swimming pools
  • Atlanta, Georgia – estimated 12,228 residential and 901 commercial swimming pools
  • Orlando, Florida – estimated 11,964 residential and 766 commercial swimming pools


  • London – estimated 22,000 swimming pools (including residential and commercial)
  • Birmingham – estimated 6,000 swimming pools (including residential and commercial)
  • Manchester – estimated 5,000 swimming pools (including residential and commercial)
  • Glasgow – estimated 4,000 swimming pools (including residential and commercial)
  • Liverpool – estimated 3,500 swimming pools (including residential and commercial)
  • Edinburgh – estimated 3,000 swimming pools (including residential and commercial)
  • Sheffield – estimated 2,500 swimming pools (including residential and commercial)
  • Bristol – estimated 2,000 swimming pools (including residential and commercial)
  • Leeds – estimated 2,000 swimming pools (including residential and commercial)
  • Nottingham – estimated 1,500 swimming pools (including residential and commercial)






Pool Maintenance Business

Pros and Cons of Pool Maintenance Business

Pros of Pool Maintenance Business

  • High demand
  • Recurring revenue
  • Low startup costs
  • Flexibility
  • Opportunity for growth

Cons of Pool Maintenance Business

  • Physical labor
  • High competition
  • Liability risks
  • Seasonal demand
  • Dependence on weather

Investment required to start a Pool Maintenance Business

The investment required and one-time setup cost for a pool maintenance business in the UK and USA will vary depending on factors such as location, size of the business, and equipment and supplies needed.


However, a rough estimate of the startup cost for a small to medium-sized pool maintenance business in the UK or USA could range from £10,000-£50,000 ($13,000-$65,000 USD). 


This includes the cost of equipment such as cleaning tools, chemicals, and pool testing kits, as well as the cost of registering the business, marketing and advertising, and hiring staff.


Larger businesses with more equipment and staff may require a higher investment. It’s important to conduct thorough research and create a detailed business plan to accurately estimate the startup costs for a pool maintenance business.

Pool Maintenance Business

Some Good Pool Maintenance business brands in USA & UK?

Pinch A Penny
With over 260 stores in 15 states, Pinch A Penny is the largest pool supply franchise in the US, offering a wide range of pool maintenance services, including pool cleaning, equipment repair, and water analysis.

Leslie’s Pool Supplies
Leslie’s is one of the largest pool service companies in the US, with over 900 retail locations and a wide range of pool maintenance services, including cleaning, repairs, and installations.

Blue Haven Pools
Blue Haven is a national pool builder and maintenance company with over 50 years of experience. They offer a range of services, including pool construction, renovation, and maintenance.

Premier Pool Service
Premier Pool Service is a nationwide franchise with over 40 locations throughout the US. They specialize in pool maintenance services, including chemical balancing, equipment repair, and cleaning.

London Swimming Pool Company
London Swimming Pool Company is a leading pool maintenance company in the UK, offering a range of services, including pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair. They have won multiple awards for their work and have over 30 years of experience in the industry.

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Pool Maintenance Business

The list of pool maintenance services 

Here are some purposes of affiliate marketing, along with a brief explanation for each:

  • Regular pool cleaning, including skimming, brushing, and vacuuming
  • Chemical balancing and water testing
  • Equipment inspection and repair, including pumps, filters, and heaters
  • Tile cleaning and grout maintenance
  • Algae removal and prevention
  • PH and chlorine level monitoring and adjustment
  • Salt cell cleaning and maintenance
  • Pool cover cleaning and maintenance
  • Pool deck and patio cleaning
  • Winterization services, including pool draining and cover installation
  • Pool opening services, including removing covers, starting up equipment, and adjusting chemicals
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Pool equipment upgrades and installations, such as energy-efficient pumps and filters
  • Water feature maintenance, including fountains and waterfalls
  • Acid washing and stain removal
  • Skimmer and basket cleaning
  • Backwashing and filter cleaning
  • Vacuuming pool walls and floor
  • Calcium buildup removal from pool tile and equipment.

A typical day in Pool Maintenance Business

1. Checking and maintaining chemical levels
2. Skimming the surface and vacuuming the pool floor
3. Brushing the pool walls and tiles
4. Checking and cleaning pool equipment
5. Backwashing and cleaning the pool filter
6. Addressing any necessary repairs or maintenance
7. Communicating with customers and scheduling future appointments

Pool Maintenance Business

Is any special license/permission required for Pool Maintenance 

In the US and the UK, no specific licenses or permits nare typically needed to start a pool maintenance business. However, there may be specific state or local regulations related to water treatment and disposal that must be followed.

There are no federal regulations for pool maintenance companies in the USA, but some states may have specific licensing requirements. For example, in California, pool maintenance professionals must hold a C-61/D-35 Pool and Spa Maintenance Contractor license issued by the California State License Board. Other states may require a similar permit or certification.


There are also no specific licensing requirements for pool maintenance companies in the UK. However, businesses that handle pool chemicals may need to register with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and follow their guidelines for handling hazardous substances. Additionally, some pool maintenance companies may require a permit from their local council to discharge any waste into the environment.


You must check with your local, state, or provincial government to understand any specific licensing or permitting requirements for pool maintenance businesses in your area.

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Checklist of essential equipment required for Pool Maintenance Business

Here is a list of critical equipment needed for a pool maintenance business:

  • Skimmer Net
  • Pool Brush
  • Pool Vacuum
  • Chemical Test Kit
  • pH Testing Strips
  • Chlorine Tablets
  • Shock Treatment
  • Algaecide
  • Pool Filter Cleaner
  • Telescoping Pole
  • Safety Goggles
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Hose
  • Pressure Washer
  • Leaf Blower
  • Water Testing Kit
  • Water Clarifier
  • Pool Cover Pump
  • Chemical Dispenser
  • Pool Skimmer
  • Pool Thermometer
  • Digital Water Testing Meter
  • Chemical Resistant Boots
Pool Maintenance Business

How much you can Earn in Pool Maintenance Business

Here are the approximate rates for pool maintenance services in the US:

  • Regular pool cleaning, including skimming, brushing, and vacuuming: $75-$150 per visit
  • Chemical balancing and water testing: $75-$150 per visit
  • Equipment inspection and repair, including pumps, filters, and heaters: $100-$200 per hour
  • Tile cleaning and grout maintenance: $2-$3 per linear foot
  • Algae removal and prevention: $150-$300 per visit
  • PH and chlorine level monitoring and adjustment: $75-$150 per visit
  • Salt cell cleaning and maintenance: $100-$200 per visit
  • Pool cover cleaning and maintenance: $100-$150 per visit
  • Pool deck and patio cleaning: $75-$150 per visit
  • Winterization services, including pool draining and cover installation: $150-$300
  • Pool opening services, including removing covers, starting up equipment, and adjusting chemicals: $150-$300
  • Leak detection and repair: $150-$300 per visit
  • Pool equipment upgrades and installations, such as energy-efficient pumps and filters: $1,000-$3,000
  • Water feature maintenance, including fountains and waterfalls: $75-$150 per visit
  • Acid washing and stain removal: $300-$500
  • Skimmer and basket cleaning: $75-$150 per visit
  • Backwashing and filter cleaning: $75-$150 per visit
  • Vacuuming pool walls and floor: $75-$150 per visit
  • Calcium buildup removal from pool tile and equipment: $200-$500

Note that these rates may vary depending on the location, size of the pool, and specific services required.


Given the growing demand for such services, starting a pool maintenance business in the USA or UK can be a profitable venture. 


The business models that can be adopted include franchise, independent, or hybrid. Depending on the location and specific services offered special licenses and permissions may be required. Essential equipment includes pool cleaning, testing kits, chemicals, and safety gear. 


The main products offered by the business include pool cleaning and maintenance equipment and supplies, while services offered include routine pool maintenance, repair, and installation of pool equipment. A team of trained and experienced professionals is required to ensure efficient and effective service delivery.

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A. While it is not required, having a certification or training can increase your credibility and knowledge in the industry. Organizations such as the National Swimming Pool Foundation offer courses and certifications for pool maintenance.

A. The cost of pool maintenance services varies depending on the location, size of the pool, and the services offered. On average, weekly pool maintenance can range from $75-$150 per visit, while a one-time cleaning can cost anywhere from $150-$500 or more.

A. Yes, it is highly recommended to have liability insurance to protect yourself and your business in case of any accidents or damages. You can consult with an insurance agent to determine the coverage needed for your specific business.

A. Yes, starting a pool maintenance business as a part-time job is possible, but it may require longer hours during the busy pool season. It is important to plan and manage your time efficiently to balance your business with other commitments.

A. Some common challenges in the pool maintenance business include dealing with unexpected repairs, managing time and scheduling, handling customer complaints, and keeping up with industry regulations and standards.

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