How to Start a Spiritual Items Business in UK USA (Business Plan)

Spiritual Items Business

Do you have these questions in your mind?

  • How to start a spiritual items Business?
  • How much does it cost to start a spiritual items business?
  • How much can you make from a spiritual items Business? 
  • How to find the best location to open your spiritual items Business?

In this article, you will find answers to all your questions. So please grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get started.

Table of Contents

What is the Spiritual Items Business?

With a global market value of around $30 Billion and an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2%, the Spiritual Items industry is one of the biggest industries in the world right now.


The spiritual item business involves selling various products used in spiritual practices, rituals, and ceremonies. These products include crystals, candles, incense, sage, oracle cards, meditation tools, jewelry, statues, and other spiritual artifacts.


Spiritual item businesses cater to individuals seeking tools to enhance their spiritual practices, connect with their inner selves, and explore more profound meaning in their lives. 


These businesses may operate online, in physical retail stores, or through a combination of both, and may also offer services such as spiritual consultations, workshops, and events.


By the end of this article, we will teach you everything you need to know when starting your Spiritual Items business. 

Market Insight: The market for spiritual and religious goods was valued at $29.4 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% from 2021 to 2028, according to a report by Grand View Research.

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Types of Spiritual Items business

In the Spiritual Item Industry, there are several businesses you can start, including:


  • Crystals and gemstones: 
    It offers various crystals and gemstones in raw and polished forms for healing, meditation, and energy work purposes.
  • Incense and smudging supplies: 
    You can provide a selection of incense, smudging herbs, and smudge sticks for cleansing and purifying rituals.
  • Tarot and Oracle cards: 
    You can offer various tarot and oracle cards for divination and guidance.
  • Meditation tools: 
    You can provide meditation aids such as cushions, mats, bolsters, or guided meditation recordings for individuals seeking to enhance their meditation practice.
  • Ritual and ceremonial supplies: 
    You can offer items such as candles, ritual tools, chimes, bells, and other supplies for conducting rituals and ceremonies.
  • Spiritual books and literature: 
    You can provide a selection of books, journals, and literature on various spiritual topics such as astrology, numerology, energy healing, and more.
  • Jewelry and accessories: 
    It offers spiritual jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and accessories like amulets or talismans with symbolic meaning or spiritual significance.
  • Energy healing services: 
    You can offer energy healing services such as Reiki, crystal healing, sound healing, or other modalities for individuals seeking holistic healing and balance.
  • Workshops and classes: 
    You can conduct workshops, classes, or events on various spiritual topics, practices, or techniques to educate and empower individuals in their spiritual journey.
  • Customized spiritual products/services: 
    Offering customized or personalized spiritual products or services based on individual needs or preferences, such as customized astrology readings, personalized crystal grids, or tailored energy healing sessions.
  • Essential Oils: 
    Essential oils are believed to have therapeutic properties and are often used in aromatherapy and personal care products.
  • Candles: 
    Candles are used for spiritual rituals, meditation, and creating a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Sage and Palo Santo: 
    These plants are burned for smudging, a practice used to purify and cleanse the energy of a space or person.
  • Dreamcatchers: 
    Dreamcatchers are believed to catch bad dreams and allow good dreams to pass through, promoting restful sleep and positive energy.
  • Singing Bowls: 
    Singing bowls are used for meditation and relaxation, producing a soothing sound when struck or played.
  • Meditation Cushions: 
    Meditation cushions provide support and comfort during meditation, helping to improve posture and concentration.
  • Mala Beads: 
    Mala beads are used for meditation and prayer, providing a tactile and visual aid for counting mantras or affirmations.
  • Statues and Figurines: 
    Statues and figurines of deities, angels, and other spiritual beings are used for devotional and decorative purposes.
  • Altar Cloths: 
    Altar cloths provide a designated space for spiritual practice and can be used to represent the elements, deities, or personal intentions.
  • Tapestries: 
    Tapestries can be used for decoration and as a backdrop for spiritual rituals and meditation.
  • Jewelry: 
    Spiritual jewelry, such as pendants, bracelets, and rings, can be used as a personal talisman or to represent spiritual beliefs and practices.


Note: Carefully research your target audience’s market demand and preferences when determining the products/services to offer in your spiritual item business. Understanding your customer’s needs and interests can help you tailor your offerings to meet their requirements and enhance your business’s success.

Spiritual Items Business

How to Start a Spiritual Items Business

If you’re a beginner and want to start a spiritual items business, here are the basic steps you can follow: 

  • Research what types of spiritual items are popular and in demand
  • Decide on a specific niche you want to focus on, such as crystals, tarot cards, or meditation cushions.
  • Find suppliers who can provide the materials and products you need for your business.
  • Create a website and social media accounts to showcase your products and brand.
  • Develop a marketing strategy to reach your target audience.
  • Decide on a shipping and fulfillment strategy, including shipping rates and packaging materials.
  • Register your business with the appropriate state and local authorities, and obtain any necessary licenses and permits. 


Starting a spiritual items business can be a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor. However, having a passion for the products you’re selling and a strong understanding of your target market is essential. 

Spiritual Items Business

Pros and Cons of a Spiritual Items Business

Pros of a Spiritual Items Business

  • High demand in the growing spiritual and holistic well-being market.
  • Opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and serve a community with similar interests.
  • Flexibility in choosing and selling unique, meaningful products.
  • Potential for repeat customers and recurring revenue from a loyal clientele.
  • Possibility of scaling the business through online sales, workshops, events, and collaborations.

Cons a Spiritual Items Business:

  • Competition from other spiritual item businesses.
  • Challenges in sourcing reliable and quality products.
  • Need for continuous marketing efforts to stand out in a saturated market.
  • Seasonal fluctuations in demand for specific products or services.
  • Navigating legal and regulatory compliance related to spiritual items sales, labeling, and safety standards.

The key to success in the spiritual items business lies in prioritizing quality and authenticity in everything you offer, while also providing resources and education that empower customers to connect with their spiritual selves and lead more meaningful lives.

Investment required for a Spiritual Items Business

The one-time setup cost for starting a spiritual items business can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on various factors like product sourcing, physical space, and marketing expenses. 


The cost of high-quality and ethically-sourced products like crystals and incense and marketing and advertising costs can significantly add to the expenses. Online businesses may have lower prices compared to companies with a physical stores.


Essential operating expenses:

  • Cost of goods sold (COGS)
  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Utilities
  • Payroll and employee benefits
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Insurance
  • Website and e-commerce platform fees
  • Professional fees
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Taxes and licenses
These are the essential operating expenses that a spiritual items business needs to consider when budgeting and planning.
Spiritual Items Business

How much will you earn as a Spiritual Items business?

These reports suggest that there is a growing demand for spiritual items on a global scale. With the right strategies and effective marketing, a successful spiritual items business has the potential to generate significant profits. 


As per a report by IBISWorld, the religious goods retailing industry in the US generated approximately $3 billion in revenue in 2020.


In the UK, a report by Research and Markets estimates the holistic products market, which includes spiritual items, to be worth £900 million in 2021. However, this figure does not explicitly relate to the revenue of spiritual things businesses.

Industry sources suggest that typical profit margins for spiritual items businesses can range from 30-50%, but this can vary based on factors such as product mix, pricing strategy, and overhead costs.

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Spiritual Items Business

Spiritual Items people use in the USA and UK.  

Several types of Spiritual Items can be sold in the USA & UK, including:


  • Incense:
    Incense is a fragrant material burned to produce a pleasant aroma and create a peaceful and meditative atmosphere. It’s often used in religious and spiritual practices to purify the air, enhance focus and concentration, and promote relaxation and meditation.
  • Mala Beads:
    Mala beads are used in meditation practices and are typically made of 108 beads used to count mantras or breaths. They can also be used as a symbol of intention or devotion.
  • Smudging Tools:
    Smudging tools, such as sage bundles or palo santo wood, are used to cleanse and purify the energy of a space or person. They are often used in spiritual and healing practices to promote clarity, remove negative energy, and create a peaceful and positive atmosphere.
  • Singing Bowls:
    Singing bowls are used in meditation and sound healing practices. They produce a calming and soothing sound when struck or played, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.
  • Crystals: 
    Crystals are believed to have spiritual and healing properties and are often used for meditation, chakra balancing, and manifestation. In addition, different crystals are associated with other properties, such as promoting love, protection, abundance, and creativity.
  • Candles:
    Candles are often used in spiritual and religious practices to represent light and purity, promote relaxation and meditation, and create a sacred and peaceful atmosphere. 
  • Tarot and Oracle Cards:
    Tarot and oracle cards are used for divination and spiritual guidance. They contain symbolic images and messages that can help people gain insight into their lives, make decisions, and connect with their intuition and higher self.
  • Statues and Symbols:
    Statues and symbols of deities, angels, and other spiritual figures are often used in religious and spiritual practices to represent and connect with divine energy and guidance. They can also serve as reminders of spiritual principles and values.
  • Prayer Flags:
    Prayer flags are used in Tibetan Buddhism and are hung outdoors to send prayers and blessings into the wind. They are often brightly colored and contain sacred symbols and mantras.
  • Meditation Cushions and Mats:
    Meditation cushions and mats provide comfort and support during meditation practices. They can help people maintain proper posture, reduce physical discomfort, and create a dedicated and peaceful meditation space.
  • Altar Items:
    Altar items create a dedicated and sacred space for spiritual practices. They can include candles, crystals, statues, flowers, and other things representing spiritual values and intentions.
  • Spiritual Books:
    Spiritual books can provide guidance and inspiration for spiritual and personal growth. They can cover many topics, including meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and self-help.
These are just some spiritual items that people use in the USA and UK, and many more depend on the specific practices and traditions.
Spiritual Items Business

Marketing Strategy for your spiritual items business 

Here are some tips for creating a unique and exciting marketing strategy for your spiritual items business:


  • Define Your Unique Selling Proposition:
    Determine what makes your spiritual items business unique.


  • Know Your Target Audience:
    Research your target audience to understand their needs and interests.


  • Use Social Media:
    Use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to showcase your products and connect with your customers.


  • Collaborate with Influencers:
    Work with influencers in the spiritual or wellness space to expand your reach and build credibility.


  • Attend Trade Shows and Events:
    Attend trade shows and events to showcase your products and connect with potential customers.


  • Leverage Email Marketing:
    Use email marketing to stay in touch with your customers and promote new products, promotions, and sales.


  • Create a Referral Program:
    Create a referral program that rewards customers for referring their friends and family to your business.

The items needed can vary depending on the scope of the business and the services provided.
Spiritual Items Business

How you can create Opportunity for Yourself and make a USP

The opportunity to start a spiritual item business lies in catering to the growing demand for spiritual and holistic well-being products and offering the opportunity for creating a spiritual item business lies in catering to the increasing demand for spiritual and holistic well-being products and offering a unique selling proposition (USP) that differentiates your business from others.

Some potential opportunities and USPs in the spiritual item business could include the following:


  • Unique and handcrafted products: 
    It offers one-of-a-kind, artisanal, or locally-made spiritual items that cannot be found elsewhere.


  • Ethical and sustainable sourcing: 
    It focuses on environmentally friendly, fair-trade, or ethically-sourced products that align with the values of conscious consumers.


  • Personalized experiences: 
    Providing personalized consultations, custom-made products, or tailored services to cater to customers’ needs and preferences.


  • Comprehensive product range: 
    We offer a wide variety of spiritual items, ranging from crystals, candles, incense, and tarot cards to meditation tools, to provide a diverse selection for customers.


  • Expertise and knowledge: 
    She is a trusted source of information and guidance on spiritual practices, offering workshops, classes, or consultations to educate and empower customers.


  • Exceptional customer service: 
    We provide excellent customer service and responsiveness and build solid customer relationships to create repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.


  • Online presence and convenience: 
    We offer a seamless online shopping experience, providing easy navigation, secure transactions, and efficient order fulfillment to cater to the growing trend of online shopping.


  • Community engagement: 
    We create a sense of community by organizing events, gatherings, or collaborations with other spiritual practitioners or organizations to foster customer connection and loyalty.


  • Healing and well-being focus: 
    Incorporating healing, wellness, and self-care elements into the business, such as offering energy healing services, wellness workshops, or holistic consultations.


  • Authenticity and spirituality: 
    We emphasize spirituality’s genuine and meaningful aspects, promoting authentic practices and connecting with customers more profoundly to create a loyal and engaged customer base.


Note: It’s essential to identify and capitalize on unique opportunities and USPs that align with your business vision, target market, and customer preferences to differentiate your spiritual item business from competitors and attract customers.

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Spiritual Items Business

Trending Spiritual Items in US & UK

Trending Spiritual Items in the USA:


  • Yoga mats and accessories: 
    Yoga has become increasingly popular in recent years, so yoga mats, blocks, and straps have become famous for those looking to deepen their practice.


  • Tarot cards and oracle decks: 
    Interest in divination and spirituality has risen in the USA. As a result, tarot cards and oracle decks have become famous for those looking to connect with their intuition and gain insights into various aspects of life.
  • Meditation apps: 
    With the growing popularity of meditation, apps such as Headspace and Calm have become popular tools for those looking to incorporate mindfulness and relaxation into their daily routine.


  • Essential oil diffusers: 
    Essential oils are a popular way to promote relaxation, enhance mood, and provide other health benefits. Diffusers are used to disperse the oils into the air, creating a calming and soothing atmosphere.


  • Crystals and gemstones: 
    Crystals and gemstones have been gaining popularity recently for their perceived healing and energizing properties.

Trending Spiritual Items in the UK:


  • Wellness Teas:
    Herbal teas specifically formulated to promote health and well-being have become increasingly popular in the UK, with blends for relaxation, digestion, and immunity being among the most popular.


  • Mindfulness journals: 
    Journals designed to help individuals cultivate mindfulness and gratitude have become popular tools for improving their mental health and well-being.


  • Sage and smudging products: 
    Sage and other smudging products have become increasingly popular in the UK to cleanse and purify one’s environment.


  • Spiritual books: 
    Books on spirituality, mindfulness, and personal development have become popular in the UK, with authors such as Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra being among the most popular.


  • Crystal jewelry: 
    Jewelry featuring crystals and gemstones has become increasingly popular in the UK, with many wearing them to harness their healing and energizing properties.


Note: Trends can change over time, and what may be popular now may be less prevalent in the future. Researching and keeping up with the latest trends in your niche is essential to stay relevant and meet your customers’ needs.



In conclusion, a spiritual items business can offer various products and services to support individuals on their spiritual journey.


With the growing interest in spirituality and holistic wellness, these products have a significant market. Entrepreneurs can tap into this market by offering high-quality, authentic, and unique items. 


By creating a brand that resonates with customers and providing valuable resources, such as workshops and educational materials, entrepreneurs can differentiate themselves from competitors and build a loyal customer base. 


Starting a spiritual items business can be rewarding and fulfilling for those passionate about spirituality and helping others on their journey.

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  • How to Register for Taxes
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Yes, selling spiritual items online can be a lucrative business model. You can set up an online store, utilize e-commerce platforms, and leverage digital marketing strategies to reach a wider audience and generate sales.

A. No, having a background in spirituality or religion is not necessarily required to start a spiritual item business. However, having a basic understanding and knowledge of various spiritual practices and items can be beneficial in providing accurate information and guidance to customers.

A. Sourcing authentic spiritual items can be done through various channels, such as wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and trusted suppliers. Establishing reliable and ethical sourcing channels is essential to ensure the authenticity and quality of the spiritual items you offer customers.

A. You can market your spiritual item business through various channels, such as online advertising, social media, content marketing, email marketing, and participation in relevant events or fairs. Building a strong online presence, leveraging word-of-mouth marketing, and creating engaging content can help attract and retain customers for your business.

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