How to start a Dating Consultant Business in UK USA (Business Plan)

Dating Consultant Business

Do you have these questions in your mind?

  • How to start a Dating Consultant Business?
  • How much does it cost to start a Dating Consultancy Business?
  • What qualifications do I need to start a Dating Consultancy Business?
  • How much does a Dating Consultancy Business make?

In this article, you will find answers to all your questions. So please grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get started.

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Why start a Dating Consultant business?

With the global market value of around $10 billion, the dating consultant industry is certainly one of the most trending industries in the world right now!


A Dating Consultant Business is a consulting service that helps individuals improve their dating and relationship skills. 


Dating consultants offer a range of services, including coaching on making a good first impression, advice on dressing and grooming, tips on communicating effectively, and strategies for finding compatible partners. They may also assist with online dating profiles, organizing social events, and personalized matchmaking services. 


The goal of a dating consultant is to help their clients develop the confidence and skills necessary to build healthy and fulfilling relationships. The dating consultant business can be run solo or as a team with multiple consultants.


This blog post will guide you with everything you need to know to start your dating consultancy business! So read on for everything you need to get started on this journey.

Market Insight: In the US, the dating consultant market was valued at over $4 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 7%, while in the UK, the market was valued at over £3 billion with a CAGR of over 6%.

Dating Consultant Business

Types of Dating Consultant Business Models 

Dating consultant businesses focus on helping clients improve their dating skills, gain confidence, and find compatible partners.


Some common types of dating consultant business models:


1. One-on-one coaching: 

This model involves working with clients individually to assess their needs, provide feedback, and develop personalized strategies for dating success. Clients typically pay for several coaching sessions or ongoing coaching services.


2. Group coaching: 

These dating consultants work with groups of clients, typically through online coaching programs or in-person workshops. In addition, clients may pay for access to a course or program that provides them with training, resources, and community support.


3. Matchmaking services: 

Some dating consultants offer matchmaking services and connect clients with compatible partners based on their preferences and compatibility.


4. Online profile optimization: 

Dating consultants help clients optimize their online dating profiles, create or update profiles, select the best photos, and develop strategies to increase visibility and attract more matches.


5. Image consulting: 

These dating consultants offer image consulting helping clients improve their look and presentation including wardrobe consulting, hair and makeup advice, for making a good first impression.


6. Specialized niche services: 

These consultants work with unique clients like LGBTQ+ seniors or individuals with specific interests or backgrounds. These involve coaching, matchmaking, or profile optimization services.

Dating Consultant Business

Pros and Cons of a Dating Consultant Business

Pros of a Dating Consultant Business

  • Be your own boss, flexibility in timings
  • Can start from home 
  • You can start will less money
  • No extra time and cost wasted on the packaging, storage, etc.
  • You just need to change features online according to new demand
  • Good business connections are developed
  • Good margins
  • Freedom to choose your clients
  • No limit to earn
  • You can prioritize your projects in case of workload
  • Benefit of getting referrals
  • Can share your experience and opinions


Cons of a Dating Consultant Business 

  • High competition
  • Less stability in business as work is inconsistent
  • You sometimes have to deal with tough customers
  • Few people don’t like sitting job
  • If you are self-employed, then the taxes could be high
  • Long sales process

Investment required to start a Dating Consultant Business

A small to medium-sized dating consultant business starting cost can be anywhere from $10K to $50K, depending on the specific needs and requirements of the company.


Potential expenses when starting a dating consultant business:


  • Legal fees
  • Website design and development
  • Branding materials (logo, business cards, etc.)
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Training and education
  • Office space and equipment
  • Insurance
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Business registration fees
  • Research and development
  • Payment processing fees
  • Client management software
  • Travel expenses (if you plan to meet with clients in person)
  • Professional networking memberships or fees
  • Taxes
  • Payment for consulting services or advice from experts in the field
  • Software subscriptions
  • Printing and stationery costs
  • Rent or lease for a commercial space
  • Salaries or wages for employees (if you plan to hire staff)
Dating Consultant Business

How much does the Dating Consultant Business make?

In a Dating Consultant Business, your annual pay as a business varies depending on the services you provide, the complexity of the project, and other factors.

The average annual pay for a Dating Consultant Business in the United States is around $10K to $100K or more in revenue per year, while in the United Kingdom, the annual revenue is around £5K to £50K or more in revenue per year. 

Market Insight: 'It's Just Lunch', one of the largest matchmaking companies in the world had an estimated revenue of around 36 million USD in the year 2021.

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Dating Consultant Business

Types of Dating Consultants

Dating consultants specialize in helping people improve their dating lives— different types of dating consultants who provide various services to their clients.


Here are some of the most common types of dating consultants:


1. Image consultants: 

These consultants help their clients improve their appearance and personal style. They may advise on wardrobe choices, hair styling, makeup, and grooming.


2. Matchmakers: 

Matchmakers specialize in finding partners for their clients. With an extensive network of eligible singles, they use various techniques, such as personality assessments, to make successful matches.


3. Relationship coaches: 

These consultants help clients improve communication skills, resolve conflicts, and build healthy relationships.


4. Online dating consultants: 

These consultants help clients optimize their online dating profiles and navigate online dating apps and websites by providing advice on choosing the right photos, crafting compelling bios, and sending engaging messages.


5. Wingmen or wing women: 

Wingmen or wing women support and guide clients during social events or outings. They help clients build confidence, approach potential partners, and start conversations.


6. Date planners:

Consultants can help clients plan their dates by providing ideas for creative date activities, restaurant or entertainment venue reservations, and offering advice to make a great impression.

Things to keep in mind when planning for your own Dating Consultant Business:

1. Market research
2. Product offerings
3. Sales and marketing
4. Partnership and collaborations
5. Technical expertise
6. Customer service
7. Regulatory compliance
8. Financing

Dating Consultant Business

Skills needed to become a Dating Consultant  

To become a successful dating consultant, you’ll need a combination of skills and expertise related to dating, relationship coaching, and business management. Here are some of the critical skills and expertise required to become a dating consultant:


1. Strong interpersonal skills: 

You must build rapport with clients, establish trust, and communicate effectively.


2. Knowledge of dating trends and etiquette: 

It would help if you were up-to-date on the latest dating trends, etiquette, and customs, including online dating and social media.


3. Emotional intelligence: 

You’ll need to be able to read and understand clients’ emotions and provide empathetic support and guidance.


4. Relationship coaching expertise: 

It would be best to have expertise in coaching individuals and couples on relationship issues, including communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy.


5. Marketing and business management skills: 

You’ll need to be able to market your services effectively, manage client relationships, and run a successful business.


6. Networking skills: 

You’ll need to be able to build relationships with other professionals in the dating industry, including matchmakers, relationship coaches, and online dating experts.


7. Personal brand and image: 

You should have a solid personal brand and image that conveys credibility, expertise, and professionalism.


8. Time management and organization: 

You’ll need to manage your time effectively, set priorities, and stay organized to meet the demands of your clients and your business.


9. Discretion and confidentiality: 

You’ll need to maintain discretion and confidentiality with your clients, as many may seek help with sensitive and personal issues.


10. Continuing education and professional development: 

You should be committed to continuing your education and staying up-to-date on the latest research and best practices in dating and relationship coaching.


While not all dating consultants may have these skills and expertise, having a solid foundation in these areas can help you build a successful career.

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Dating Consultant Business

Service List for a Dating Consultant Business

When starting a Dating Consultant business, you should offer various services to meet your customers’ needs. 

Here is a list of some of the benefits you can contribute: 


  • Help clients create or improve their online dating profiles
  • Finding compatible client partners based on their preferences, interests, and personality traits.
  • Planning and organizing memorable dates for clients
  • Guide to communicating effectively, resolving conflicts, and building healthy relationships.
  • Help clients improve their appearance and personal style
  • Assist clients with online dating platforms
  • Provide clients with support and guidance during social events or outings
  • Provide clients with feedback and analysis of their dates
  • Organize and host speed dating events for clients to meet potential in-person matches.
  • Provide group coaching sessions on a variety of dating and relationship topics
  • Provide clients with a customized, end-to-end dating experience
  • Provide clients with feedback and analysis of their dates
  • Provide clients with one-on-one dating advice and coaching sessions 
  • Provide clients with the preparation and confidence-building strategies before a date
  • Provide clients with on-the-spot advice and guidance during a date

Service Rate Card for a Dating Consultant Business

Dating consultants may offer their services on a per-hour, per-session, or per-year basis, depending on the type of service and the client’s needs.


  • For services like profile optimization, image consulting, and online dating assistance, consultants may offer their services per hour or session, ranging from $50 to $300 per hour.
  • For services like matchmaking and date planning, consultants may offer their services on a per-year or per-date basis, and these services can range from $1,000 to $10,000 per year, while date planning services can range from $100 to $300 per date.
  • For relationship coaching, consultants may offer their services per hour or session basis, with fees typically ranging from $100 to $300 per hour or $500 to $1,500 for a series of coaching sessions.


Ultimately, the pricing structure for a dating consultant’s services will depend on their business model, the type of services they offer, and the needs and preferences of their clients.

Dating Consultant Business

Licences needed for a Dating Consultant Business

While essential licences such as Business Licence, Health and Safety regulation, and Sales Tax Permits apply to almost all businesses (To read more about those licences, ‘Click Here to read our Mini Guide’).


Specific licenses and certifications required to start a Dating Consultant business include:


1. DBA Certificate:
If you plan to operate under a name other than your legal name, you may need to file for a “Doing Business As” (DBA) certificate.


2. Zoning Permit:
Depending on where you plan to operate your business, you may need a zoning permit or variance.


3. DBS Check:
If you plan to work with vulnerable individuals, such as children or the elderly, you may need to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

Dating Consultant Business

Business Growth Tips for a Dating Consultant Business

If you’re looking to grow your Dating Consultant business, here are some tips that can help:


1. Build a Strong Brand: 

Invest in creating a solid brand and communicating your values, mission, and expertise. Create a logo, website, and social media presence consistent with your brand.


2. Specialize: 

Consider specializing in a specific niche, such as online dating, matchmaking, or relationship coaching. Establish yourself as an expert in a particular area, leading to more referrals and better client retention.


3. Develop a Marketing Strategy: 

Consider social media advertising, email marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to your website. In addition, attend networking events and partner with other businesses that target your ideal client.


4. Offer Valuable Content: 

Create valuable content, including blog posts, videos, podcasts, and social media updates. Provide helpful content, establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, and attract potential clients.


5. Focus on Referrals: 

Encourage clients to refer their friends and family by offering referral programs or incentives. Consider partnering with businesses that target your ideal client and offering referral bonuses to their clients.


6. Continuously Learn and Improve: 

Stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices by attending conferences, reading industry publications, and networking with other professionals. Continuously learning and improving your skills will help you provide better client service and stay ahead of your competition.


Yes, a Dating Consultant Business is a good idea; the profits are rewarding. However, you need to analyze your capabilities and limitations as there is no restriction to growing.


Remember to equip all the necessary equipment required for your business and provide customers with many options for your services.


Connect with other businesses in the same field to gain more knowledge about this business, and if you are struggling with anything, try to keep going but rather learn from the experience and just go for it!

Want to Save Time in your Business Launch?

  • How to Create a Business Plan
  • What is Market Research, USP, Niche & Positioning
  • How to find a suitable name for your business
  • How to create your brand image (Logo + Branding)
  • How to Register Your Business
  • How to Register for Taxes
  • How to get Licenses / Permits
  • How to Open a Business Bank Account
  • How to Get Business Insurance
  • Which Payment Processing Terminal (POS) to buy
  • How to get Funds for your Business
  • How to do Sales & Marketing – Offline & Online
  • Why have a Website / Blog / Social Media
  • How to build & train your Dream Team
  • How to provide Excellent Customer Service
  • Buying an Old Business Vs Franchisee Vs Own Brand from Scratch

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A. A formal qualification is not typically required to become a dating consultant. However, experience and knowledge in relationship coaching, counselling, marketing, and business management can be helpful. 

A. As a dating consultant, you can offer a range of services to clients, including dating advice, matchmaking, online profile management, image consulting, date planning, and relationship coaching.

A. You can market your dating consultant business through various channels, such as social media, email marketing, networking events, and advertising. Building a strong online presence and promoting client testimonials can also be helpful.

A. The top 5 Dating Consultant Businesses in the UK include:

  • Drawing Down the Moon
  • Vida Consultancy
  • Mutual Attraction
  • The Matchmaker
  • Avenues Dating

A. The top 5 Dating Consultant Business in the US include:

  • It’s Just Lunch
  • Three Day Rule
  • Modern Love Club
  • Love Boss Matchmaking
  • Tawkify
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