How to Delete & Backup LinkedIn Account Permanently (Complete Guide)

How to Delete & Backup LinkedIn Account Permanently
Do you have these questions in mind?
  • Finding it difficult to maintain your LinkedIn Account?
  • Want to clear up your contacts a little?
  • Feel hindered by the extra social media luggage?
  • Receiving non-ending unsolicited messages or spam?
  • Want a fresh start on LinkedIn?
If you think your LinkedIn Account is useless to you anymore, you can delete your LinkedIn account anytime you want. 
This article will show you How to Delete your LinkedIn Account and Backup Data before permanently deleting it. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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How to Delete & Backup LinkedIn Account Permanently

How to Permanently Delete Your LinkedIn Account using a Browser?

Step 1.

Visit LinkedIn Website

Step 2.

Click on the profile icon on the top left side of the screen.


How to Delete & Backup LinkedIn Account Permanently

Step 3.
Click on Settings, as shown below.

Step 4.

From the menu section, go to the Account Management section and click on the close account option. If you permanently want to delete your account.


(click on the ‘Hibernate account’, if you temporarily want to deactivate your account.)

Step 5.

Once you click the Close Account button, it will ask why you leave.

Step 6.

Enter the reason you feel suitable, and click on Next.

Step 7.

A popup will appear, asking you for your account password, fill it in and click on the Close Account option.

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How to Delete & Backup LinkedIn Account Permanently

How to Backup your LinkedIn account data before you delete your account

Data and connections are power in this cooperative world. Therefore, you should keep your data backup before permanently closing your Account.

Step 1:
Click on your “Profile icon” from the toolbar (top right).

Step 2:
Click “Settings & Privacy” from the drop-down list (under ACCOUNT). You will be redirected to a new page.

Step 3:

In the Privacy tab, click on “Download your data.

How to Delete & Backup LinkedIn Account Permanently

Step 4:
You’ll now see options to choose what and which type of data you want to Save. First, select the options you feel are suitable.

Click on” Request Archive.”

And you are done!

You will receive an email from LinkedIn containing your data backup link; click on the link to download your data.

(Note – You would need a desktop or laptop for this step as this feature is not supported in androids)


LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the internet ever. You can use LinkedIn platform to find relevant career opportunities and connect and strengthen your professional relationships.

At times, you might feel difficult to maintain your Account, or you might not even need to have an account (depending upon your business type, stage of career you are at).

In such scenarios, you can delete your Account, but we advise you to keep a backup of your data in case you need it in the future.

I hope the information helped.


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A. LinkedIn does not have such policies about inactive accounts. Your LinkedIn account will remain active until you, yourself choose to delete your account. 

However the case would be different, if someone reports you dead.

A. yes, you can delete any review you don’t want on your profile.

Click” Edit” on the upper right corner of the page. It will take direct you to the “Edit recommendations page.” Select the recommendation you want to delete.

Click on the “Delete” button below the recommendation you want to delete and confirm Delete.

A. No, not actually; it would be way too long for a resume, but yes, you could use the data and structure it in an appropriate format to build your resume; the PDF you see on LinkedIn is more of a backup of your content than your resume.

A. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network platform on the internet ever.

LinkedIn is just the right platform to find career opportunities / jobs or internships, connect and strengthen your professional relationships, and learn about the skills you will need to succeed in your career path.

LinkedIn is accessible from a desktop, mobile app, mobile web experience, or the LinkedIn Lite Android mobile app.

A complete LinkedIn profile can help you connect with opportunities by showcasing your unique professional story through experience, skills, and education.

You can showcase your professional journey, experience, skills, and educational qualifications on your LinkedIn profile which will help you connect with relevant career opportunities and people.

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